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Monero News

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Blockstream’s Jonas Nick with 7 Tips for Better Bitcoin User Privacy

Blockstream Testing Engineer Jonas Nick recently gave a presentation on Bitcoin privacy at Blockchain Meetup Zurich. After first providing an overview of the in-depth,...

Ethereum Adds CryptoNote-like Ring Signatures [Pre-Alpha]

There has been a lot of Ethereum focused news lately, so it isn't surprising this tidbit went mostly unnoticed. Development has started on adding...

Peter Todd on Why Altcoins with Faster Confirmations Miss the Point

One of the first issues people usually bring up when they learn about Bitcoin is the ten minute confirmation time. Although transactions are broadcast... Integrates Tether Into Its Asset Exchange

Following the recent additions of Counterparty and Monero, instant asset exchange service have today further expanded their service by integrating Tether, the first... Adds CounterParty and Monero is an “instant” conversion service that doesn't require an account and supports over two dozen currencies. Yesterday, they added two more. Counterparty's currency...