Charles Thuo



Title: Crypto Content Writer

Charles is a crypto content writer for CoinJournal and writes on a variety of crypto and blockchain-related issues. A mechatronics engineer by profession and a crypto enthusiast, Charles has been writing about blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2014. He has written for several other sites including blockchain 101 and bbusyearning among others.

What Do You Like Most About Cryptocurrency?

I love that the unbanked population now have a way of transacting even across borders seamlessly without the need for intermediaries.


  • Bitcoin
  • cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain
  • Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Web3


A crypto enthusiast who loves reading, researching and writing about cryptocurrencies.

Believer in blockchain technology as the next big thing in technology.


Bachelor's Degree in Mechatronic Engineering from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology