Dan Ashmore

Crypto Data Analyst

Medellin, Colombia


Title: Head of ResearchPreviously an investment analyst within the alternative investment arena of aviation finance in Ireland, Dan now produces analysis across a wide range of asset classes, including crypto and blockchain analytics. In his spare time, he exploits pricing inefficiencies in the sports betting markets to generate arbitrage trades. He has appeared often on CNBC and his analysis has featured in a range of publications, including Bloomberg and the Financial Times. Current Investments:Currently split between stocks, Index Funds, Gold and Bitcoin. What Do You Like Most About Cryptocurrency?Assessing Bitcoin through a macro lens


  • Macro-economics
  • Financial Markets
  • Blockchain Analytics


Experience in financial modelling and investment analysis. Longtime sports arbitrage trader, exploiting price inefficiencies to generate arbitrage trades.


Dan studied Economics & Finance at University College Dublin and the University of Toronto. He is also a CFA charterholder