Onose Enaholo

Lagos, Nigeria


Title: Cryptocurrency WriterA fast-talking, fast-thinking writer with a background in finance, SEO writing, and data analysis. Onose is a huge crypto nerd with a passion for storytelling using facts and figures, a flair for witty newsletters, and desire to make crypto a little less complicated.Current Investments:ATOM, DOT, ETH, GRT, ACA, GALA, RUNE


  • DeFi

  • NFTs

  • Gaming

  • Interoperability

  • Trading


4+ years of experience in the crypto industry fulfilling the responsibilities of a trader, writer, investor, and analyst. Has done everything from working with crypto news publications, to testing DeFi protocols, purchasing and creating NFTs, and using crypto analytics tools to extract on-chain insights. In the past he has written about NFTs, DeFi and cryptocurrencies for publications such as Medium and CryptoStars.


BSc. Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Lagos