Richard Stutely

London, United Kingdom


Title: Consultant, Non-Exec Director, Best Selling Business Author and Fact Checker at CoinJournal.

Richard Stutely has been working with CoinJournal as a fact-checker and researcher since 2022. He has utilised his vast financial experience to ensure that the content which CoinJournal produces is factually correct and up to the highest editorial standards. 

Richard Stutely has held many roles in his impressive career. Some of the most notable positions he has held are; Being a former Director of Retail Banking Systems Development, Chief Economist, Investment Banker, Product Director, CEO, COO, VP of Business Development and Best-Selling International Business Author.


  • Retail investment (cryptocurrency), corporate and private banking, fintech and the regulatory environment


  • HM Treasury - Briefed prime minister’s office and finance ministers on domestic and world economic and financial developments.
  • The Economist - Author of The Economist Guide to Economic Indicators, The Economist Numbers Guide - The Essentials of Business Numeracy, Business Comparisons: An Analytical and Statistical Survey of Europe and the USA and contributed to The Economist Desk Companion and The Economist Vital Word Statistics.
  • L Messel & Co. (Shearson Lehman, American Express- Investment Banker and Economist where he successfully advised brokers, institutional clients and private clients and pioneered cyclical analysis.
  • Burgan Bank - Chief Economist where he developed new-product strategy, risk management systems, championed technology and contributed to Institutional Investor country risk assessments.
  • - Business Development Consultant where he advises on business strategy, finance, tax efficiency, investor relations and more.
  • Member of the London International Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • Member of the Institute of Directors (IOD)


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