Games Review 2023

By Benson Toti - Updated 27 October 2023
Fact Checked Games is a new online casino that focuses on payments and gambling via the infamous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. To entice players, Games offers a wide variety of traditional casino games, including slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, and many more besides. Games supports both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. There is also a highly active community affiliated with the website, thanks to its close relationship with the community of the leading cryptocurrency. Games is one of the most exciting new Bitcoin gambling sites for those wanting to gamble with cryptocurrency, but how does it compare to its competitors?

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3 Steps to Sign Up to Games

Signing up and beginning betting with Games is relatively straightforward and simply requires users to go through the following three steps.

Register and Verify your ID

As soon as you log on to Games, you are provided with an anonymous account, which makes it possible to browse the website and place some virtual bets. A unique URL can be located by clicking the ‘My Account menu’ tab in the Games header, and a permanent account is then created via this process.

Make a Deposit

Depositing currency via the Games website is extremely swift, and you can literally be playing on the Games casino within a couple of seconds. A Bitcoin wallet can be used in order to deposit funds into the account simply by accessing the appropriate option from the top right-hand corner of the screen. It should be noted that it is nonetheless possible to store Bitcoin via the Games if needed.

Start Betting

Once you have deposited successfully into your account, you are free to begin betting on the Games website. One of the interesting aspects of this casino is that every single game features an information icon button, which provides valuable data on how to play, along with other useful titbits. This keeps you in the loop at all times. Games Pros and Cons


  • Fully licensed and regulated
  • Fully supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • Low fees involved
  • Powerful gaming engine
  • Affiliated with community
  • Lots of table games available
  • Excellent bonuses


  • Other cryptos not available
  • Can be access issues in some countries
  • No fiat currencies

Bitcoin Compared Games certainly compares favourably with some of the other Bitcoin gaming providers in the industry, not least due to the powerful and attractive gaming engine included with the website. This makes playing at Games a real pleasure, as its operation is always slick and robust.

It’s also notable that Games possesses all of the requisite regulations and licensing for a casino website, while its unique affiliation with the community is also a major plus point. Games is definitely one of the more credible casino websites available in the cryptocurrency niche.

The History of Games Games is owned and operated by their partners at SoftSwiss, considered one of the leading companies in the online gaming space. SoftSwiss has also made it its mission to fully support cryptocurrency and therefore has been conversant with Bitcoin for quite some time. Founded in 2008, the operator has built up a huge amount of experience in running viable online casinos. Games first came into the market in 2016, being one of the pioneering cryptocurrency casino websites. It has dedicated itself to delivering world-class service and expanded its operation by also supporting the hugely popular Bitcoin Cash.

Regulation and Security

SoftSwiss has been involved in the launch of over 30 online casinos in its existence, working in both the fiat and cryptocurrency markets. This means that the company is a leading technical expert in the online casino space and has naturally sought all of the requisite regulations and security associated with this medium.

Registered in Curaçao, Austria and Belarus, SoftSwiss offers outstanding provision for clients and customers, and so has the appropriate registration for Games, while also displaying it openly on its website. As the developer and operator was the first company to produce Bitcoin casino websites, there is a guarantee of quality with Games.

Is Games Safe? Games has ensured the highest level of safety and security, implementing a software platform that has been established in the industry for many years. The casino has also included all of the appropriate best practices in code development, meaning that the platform is hugely secure for gamers. Games has also implemented a proprietary anti-fraud system, which helps protect players from scammers attempting to steal cryptocurrency. While users would be advised to set up a Bitcoin wallet in order to store winnings, Games has also reassured players that all coins are kept in cold storage at all times.

Two-factor authentication has also been implemented, enhancing the security of Games accounts. And an ongoing review of website activity is also undertaken, with player histories, sharp spikes of wins and losses, and the tracking of duplicate player accounts all conducted regularly. This all adds up to a slick, professional, safe, and secure platform at Games.

Does Games Provide a Provably Fair Gaming System? Games has gone to significant lengths in order to ensure that every game played on the website is completely fair at all times. In order to ensure that this is as transparent as possible, the developers make all of the relevant information available to players via its website. Games is based on consistent random number generation, which has been proved and verified by the provider. This means that every game played on the Games server is completely fair. The server on the Games website begins the process by choosing a private service seed, with the random number generator then incorporating this seeding into the process of generating a result on the website.

Every game can also be verified via the verified game button, which is contained within the Games website. Games creates an SHA-256 hash of its server seed, which serves as an encryption of the original seed number chosen by the server. Finally, the game seed is used as the input into the Mersenne Twister algorithm, which creates a random number sequence, ultimately used in the gaming process.

Overall, the level of fairness and transparency associated with Games is impressive.

Fees and Costs of Games

There are very few fees and costs associated with Games. However, a tiny transaction fee of 0.0001 BTC will be deducted when players make withdrawals from the website. At the time of writing, there are no other fees for players.

Available Games on Games Games has implemented a huge variety of games on its website, and the active options available for players currently includes the following:

  • Bitcoin Slots
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Video poker
  • Live dealer games
  • Bitcoin dice
  • Casual games, including minesweeper and horse racing Games has also promised that other game types will be going live in the foreseeable future.

Banking and Crypto Deposits Games is unquestionably focused on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency revolution, meaning that the developers of the website have made it as user-friendly as possible when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are supported by Games, but the developers do not make any other payment methods available, with no fiat options supported. It remains to be seen whether Games will expand its operations to other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ripple and Ethereum in the future.

Promotions and Bonuses

There are a variety of promotions and bonuses running on the Games website, with all new customers immediately receiving a bonus of up to 3 Bitcoins in order to get them started gambling on the website. This is a generous welcome package, but it should be noted that certain terms and conditions are associated with it. Games also supplies 100 free spins for new players, meaning that when customers make an initial deposit, they will receive a 150% bonus up to the value of one whole Bitcoin token. This also comes allied with 53 spins, while second deposits also qualify for a 75% bonus, also up to the value of a whole Bitcoin and 50 free spins.

Aside from its incentives for initial customers, the casino also runs three promotions on a weekly basis. Firstly, every Monday, customers to the Games website receive a 10% cashback on all of the losses that they accrued during the previous week.

And then, on Wednesday, all players receive a 25% bonus, although this is limited to 0.25 Bitcoin and 25 free spins.

Finally, Fridays see gamers receive a 100% bonus up to the value of 1 Bitcoin and 30 free spins. These generous offerings definitely make gambling on the Games website more worthwhile and rewarding.

Conclusion: Should you Play on Games Games is an excellent casino website and one that has huge advantages for those involved with the cryptocurrency niche. With its support for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Games is the ideal venue for anyone wishing to gamble via cryptocurrency. Furthermore, its pioneering role in supporting Bitcoin means that it has a massive advantage over virtually all competitors.

Aside from its cryptocurrency qualities, Games has several other positive aspects. There is no doubt that this website is completely and provably fair, while its anonymous and instant registration process is impressive. Every effort has been made to make Games as secure, fair, and transparent as possible, and this is really borne out in the policies and procedures of the provider. Games also offers an array of excellent games, with its style openly based on the classic video poker machines in Las Vegas. Payouts are almost instantaneous, and the engine on the Games website is also slick and responsive. Overall, this cryptocurrency-focused casino provider is one of the best around.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my account? Games provides a variety of ways to protect your online account, including the two-factor authentication that was mentioned previously. Passwords are used in order to secure accounts, with stringent criteria overseeing this process. Furthermore, users will be required to enter passwords every single time that they access their accounts, via the unique URL that is issued to players.There are an array of the other security measures that are also accessible via the 'Extra Security' section in 'My Account’, and these help to further secure Games as a platform.
Can I convert other coins to play with BTC?
Yes, this is possible, despite the fact that Games is not compatible with non-Bitcoin cryptos.Select the ‘Convert Other Coins’ button via the top right-hand corner of the header, and a wide variety of conversion options will be made available.
What is the minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit on Games is currently set at 0.0001 BTC.
How do I open a Bitcoin wallet, and should I use one with Games?
It is definitely advisable to utilise a Bitcoin wallet while using Games, even though tokens are stored via cold storage methods. Bitcoin wallets are the ideal way to withdraw any cryptocurrency associated with Games and can help ensure that your gambling winnings are kept safe.Users of Games should probably opt for hosted wallets, which enable you to store tokens with a third party in the manner of conventional banks. Players that are familiar with PayPal will probably reflect that the process is rather similar to this popular digital currency website.In order to open a Bitcoin wallet account, it is simply necessary to find a suitable provider, download the wallet software, and follow the instructions associated with that particular product. Coinbase and Copay have proved particularly popular in this field.