Recovery Seed

A recovery seed is a code composed of a list of random words used to recover your cryptocurrency if you lose your wallet. They typically range between 12 and 14 words in length.

What Is a Recovery Seed?

A recovery seed is a code made up of a list of random words that allows you to access your cryptocurrency wallet on any device. This code must be kept safe and private to maintain the security of your digital assets.

A recovery seed is a code used to regain access to a crypto wallet if something happens to the device it is stored on, like a loss or damage. It’s important to keep the recovery seed in a safe place, where no one but you knows its location. Whoever has access to your seed phrase can take control of your funds, even if they don’t have your device.

Crypto wallets often have security features that require a password in addition to the recovery seed. This means that if you lose either the password or the recovery seed, you can’t access your funds. This makes it a double-edged sword, because losing either one of them would mean losing your money.

It’s important to keep a copy of your recovery seed in case something happens to your wallet. A notable example of this is the story of Stone Man, who lost 8,999 BTC (around $24 billion today) when his wallet file was wiped out. Unfortunately, this happened back in 2010 when recovery seeds were not yet a thing.