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"Avalanche aims to provide a ""platform for platforms"" to host any decentralized asset. This will enable interoperability and provide a place for quick and easy transfers for users across the world"

What is Avalanche and How Does it Work?

Avalanche is a developer platform that can create custom blockchain networks for advanced instructions, or be integrated with open-source preexisting blockchains, such as Bitcoin’s.
The Avalanche payment consensus offers great scalability that could feasibly become an integral part of the financial system. Relying on millions of users around the world to validate thousands of transactions per second, the platform aims to create an interoperable payment platform for facilitating cross-border payments and a place for decentralised platforms to live and interact with each other.
Avalanche has two consensus engines on launch: Avalanche, A DAG-optimised consensus protocol with high-throughput that is easy to prune and simplify for a developer’s purposes.
Snowman, is a chain-optimised consensus protocol with high-throughput and is great for hosting smart contracts.
The platform also has a number of resources for helping developers, such as AvalancheGo, used for interacting with virtual machines. Additionally, AvalancheJS contains a large Javascript library toolkit to assist API interaction efforts for developers.

AVAX Token Price (ICO Stage)

This platform is great for firms that need a simplified blockchain, or for those that want to play around and adapt open-sourced blockchains to help further a developer’s understanding of hope to build blockchains from the ground up.

  • ICO Token Price: 1 AVAX = 0.5 USD

ICO's Details


Pre-ICO Opening Date: To be announced
Pre-ICO Closing Date: To be announced
Pre-ICO Opening Date: Jul 15th, 2020
ICO Closing Date: Jul 15th, 2020
Country of Origin: US


symbol: AVAX
Blockchain Type: Own blockchain
Platform: Proprietary


  • Emin Gün Sirer - CEO
  • Kevin Sekniqi - COO
  • Maofan "Ted" Yin - Chief Protocol Architect
  • John Wu - President
  • Chris Lavery - Chief Finance Officer
  • Joe Ferrara - Business Development
  • Lydia Chiu - VP of Business Development
  • Olivia Song - Business Development - Korea
  • Phillip Liu Jr. - Head of Strategy
  • Ricardo Vazquez - Business Development - LATAM


  • Maureen O'Hara - Professor of Finance at the Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University. Seminal figure in microstructure theory.
  • Adam Kravetz - COO Seven Eight Capital. COO ETF Market Making and Arbitrage, Citadel Securities. COO Global Execution Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Managing Director, Tower Research Capital.
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