Ideology is a blockchain platform that provides a framework for connecting communities of professionals and a place to raise funding to get developers’ projects off the ground.

What is Ideology and How Does it Work

Ideology hopes to act as a bridge between developers and the communities they create their products for. It plans to achieve this by creating an ecosystem whereby projects can be proposed, discussed and tracked by investors to ensure that any projects have a community feel from the ground up. Developer leads will be able to use the platform to find team members that have suitable experience and share their philosophy for how to deliver their vision. After the team is built, they are able to propose the project on the Ideology platform to seek investors through crowdfunding. Freelance developers can also use the platform to find work and complete contract work for projects that they have passion for.
Ideology also features a marketplace where services, such as custom made code, templates and designs can be bought and sold, making it a collaborative marketplace where a theoretically limitless number of talented developers can set up a base. The token itself can be used by investors to pay for the costs of the platform, or as a means of payment gateway.

IDEA Token Sale (ICO)

Early investors will be granted certain benefits depending on the amount of the investment:

  • Reduced private-sales price: 40% discounted price
  • Ideaology fund and investors board seat
  • IDEA freeze & hold earnings
  • Partnership & Visibility
  • Access to Ideaology community marketplace
  • Reward & Ambassador programs

ICO's Details


Pre-ICO Opening Date: Dec 01st, 2020
Pre-ICO Closing Date: Dec 31st, 2020
Pre-ICO Opening Date: Feb 01st, 2021
ICO Closing Date: Mar 03rd, 2021
Country of Origin: AE


symbol: IDEA
Blockchain Type: Ethereum
Platform: ERC-20


  • Khaled Alkalbani - Founder & CEO
  • Amar Kovačević - Co-founder & CTO
  • Anita Erker - COO
  • Danilo Polovina - Marketing Assistant
  • Matija Minović - Brand & Design Specialist
  • Md. Zil - Community Happiness Specialist


  • Hamza Khan - Strategy Advisor
  • Sean Brizendine - Public Relations Advisor
  • Thomas Contin - Legal Advisor
  • Marco Sala - Legal Advisor
  • Suvrangsu Das - PR Advisor
  • Sheraz Ahmed - Strategic Advisor
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