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Social Rocket

Social Rocket rewards engagement from Twitter accounts with ROCKs. Users are paid directly into their wallet. They can choose to then cash these out or invest in their account to earn more $ROCKS in future. Rewards are given for account quality index, tweets, retweets, likes, comments, and new followers.

What is Social Rocket and How Does it Work?

ROCKS is a platform designed to reward engagement on Twitter. The majority of users of social media platforms actually don't engage and just observe. This platform will aim to change this by offering incentives for good engagement. The team's mission is to expand beyond Twitter and integrate the platform with other social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram. One criticism of the platform is that it does not fully outline what problem it is solving; monetising engagement on social media could lead to higher standards of comments and messages to create a less toxic platform, but this objective is not explored in the project's white paper.
The team is relatively experienced, boasting over 10 years in tech and project management — which bodes well for the project, as startups can sometimes suffer from inexperienced leadership that can mean even the best concept can struggle to get off the ground.

In addition, the project is scheduled to have its web platform designed by Q1 2021, so buying tokens on UniSwap now could see an ROI by as soon as next year in 2021. By Q3 2021, the project expects to launch the first iteration of its platform, and by the end Q4 be ready to allow traders to monetise their social media activity on Twitter with pooling features.

ICO Token Price

  • 1 ROCKS token = 0.25 USD

ICO's Details


Pre-ICO Opening Date: To be announced
Pre-ICO Closing Date: To be announced
Pre-ICO Opening Date: Oct 11th, 2020
ICO Closing Date: Nov 20th, 2020
Country of Origin: FR


symbol: ROCKS
Blockchain Type: Ethereum
Platform: ERC-20


  • Felix Aubert - Chief Executive Officer
  • Fred F. - Chief Technology Officer
  • Grégoire M. - Lead Developer
  • Guillaume Taub - Community Manager
  • Maxime Reynders - FinTech Advisor


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