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Tycoon is an automatic social trading platform that uses its native token to facilitate API connections from trading experts to users of the platform

What is Tycoon and how it Works?

TYC, Tycoon's native token, is used to facilitate social trading. It does this by allowing investors to stake their TYC to copy professional traders. The platform then uses API keys to connect and copy traders' moves and reward holders. In return, traders are rewarded for the amount of followers they have on the platform, incentivising them to deliver profitable trades. Investors can connect their account with their exchange of choice, which keeps funds off the TYC platform to keep them secure.

This project intends to solve problems related to new traders in the crypto space; only 10% of traders are profitable in traditional markets, so this platform aims to remove this barrier of entry to those who wish to profit from market moves while they develop their trading skills.

Tycon ICO: TYC token Price

An ICO is needed for this project as it is a utility token that needs a user base in order to generate profit, so having holders come in and buy at reduced price is needed for its business model to succeed. The ICO has been extended, so this suggests they haven't raised as much as they wanted.
Price1 Tycoon Token / TYC = 0.1 USD (ICO sale)

ICO's Details


Pre-ICO Opening Date: To be announced
Pre-ICO Closing Date: To be announced
ICO Opening Date: To be announced
ICO Closing Date: To be announced
Country of Origin: CY


symbol: TYC
Blockchain Type: Ethereum
Platform: ERC-20


  • Serdar Bis i- Chief Executive Officer
  • Hakan Turgut - Investor & advisor
  • Semira Keklik - Chief Operating Officer
  • Pedro Merkl - Chief Information Officer
  • Mario Tunjić - Chief Technology Officer
  • Stephan Wirth - Head of Software Development
  • Michael Trossowski - Head of Support
  • Damian Georgy - Product Development
  • Marcel Hess - ICO Marketing
  • Talha Uslu - ICO Marketing
  • Moritz Böhler - Product Development
  • Yagan Aytis - Support
  • Syed Shah - Content creator & support
  • Alex Lopez - Support
  • Marek Schilke - Marketing communication
  • Jenny Tran - Public Relations


  • Axel Hellinger - Legal advisor
  • Biyan Mienert - Legal advisor
  • Frank D. MBA - ICT & Marketing advisor
  • Timo Trippler - ICO advisor
  • Dennis Anselm - Corporate network
  • Paul Bichler - Content Creator