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Zetanet: blockchain 5.0 Project is a blockchain-based internet protocol that allows high speed, more secure, and truly free...

Zetanet: blockchain 5.0 Project is a blockchain-based internet protocol that allows a high speed, more secure, and truly free network. It runs on a multi-layered and authentication-enhanced scheme for information encryption based on Jack’s Law application that focuses on encryption and autonomous storage. The scheme encrypts the whole or parts of the data according to its owners’ authorization by cryptography. With the current volume of data increasing every second, issues of data privacy being exploited and mishandled have risen. But the current concerns over privacy breaches and mishandling of data could be solved when a new internet emerges.

ICO's Details


Pre-ICO Opening Date: Apr 22nd, 2019
Pre-ICO Closing Date: Aug 30th, 2019
Pre-ICO Opening Date: Aug 31st, 2019
ICO Closing Date: Aug 31st, 2020
Country of Origin: SG


symbol: ZTN
Blockchain Type: Ethereum
Platform: ERC20


Lord Jack Rahman - Founder and CEO
Paulius Stankevicius - EMEA CEO and Global CMO
John Moses Ventura - Chief Technology Officer
Adem Fidan - Chief Finance Officer
Ivan Lim - Director and Vice President TELCO
Adriel Artiza - Blockchain Developer
Jomer Pangilinan - AWS and Security Architect
Mark Jeffrey Lim - Full Stack and Smart Contract Developer
Teodoro Borlongan Jr. - Web Developer
Romeo Maranan Jr. - Frontend Developer/DevOps
Conrado Concepcion Jr. - Frontend Developer
Mary Joy Aguisanda - Frontend Developer
Ronabelle Borlongan - Frontend Developer
Michelle Dayangco - Mobile Developer
Jhofrey Beene Paca - Graphic Designer
Ramcham Gaid - QA Lead
Marc Reginald Panaligan - QA Engineer
Glein Mikylla Del Rosario - QA Engineer
Neil Francis Portugal - Head of Communications & Public Affairs


Kemal A. Surianegara - Business Strategic Advisor
Hamza Khan
Rubab Arshad

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