Alec Monopoly launches Rags to Richie NFT collection

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Alec Monopoly launches Rags to Richie NFT collection

By Daniela Kirova - min read

Global street artist Alec Monopoly is launching a generative NFT collection called Rags to Richie in partnership with HyperMint, a new self-service platform from MoonPay, and NFTGrails, a leading curator of NFT art, Coin Journal learned from a press release. 

No shortage of exciting events 

The new collection provides a play-to-earn NFT game, a digital art gallery, a metaverse club, prizes and giveaways exceeding a million dollars, exclusive in-person events, and more. 

The minting partnership with HyperMint ensures success as the platform lets brands, enterprises, creative agencies, and others to develop, operate, and mint hundreds of millions of NFTs daily. 

Monopoly’s new character 

Monopoly created a new character, who’s at the heart of the collection. Monopoly combined components of his most famous subjects with 10,000 unique NFTs. He placed a focus on integrating utility into the collection’s dynamism and creativity. 

Joystick and Monopoly joined forces to exhibit the NFT collection by creating a metaverse art gallery and an immersive SandBox club. After the launch, there will be a major event featuring Monopoly doing a live DJ set in this club. 

Avery Andon, CEO of NFTGrails, commented:

Ivan and the HyperMint team are dear friends and at the forefront of Web3 innovation. It’s an amazing benefit for the Rags to Richie NFT to partner with HyperMint for a safe, secure and seamless minting experience. 

About MoonPay

Founded in 2018, MoonPay is a leading Web3 infrastructure provider. Its software products enable users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using major payment methods such as local bank transfers, debit and credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. 

At present, the company is active on over 160 markets worldwide and boasts more than 450 partners. HyperMint, a new product from MoonPay, is a self-service, developer-focused platform that enables enterprises, creative agencies, brands, and more to create, manage, and mint utility NFTs at a speed of hundreds of millions a day. 

About NFTGrails

NFTGrails is an NFT technology platform that aims to become a market leader in exclusive, high end, NFT luxury collectibles. They stand out through a hands-on approach to selling and curating modern art and believe that in the future, every artwork will be linked to a unique NFT identifier, immutably tied to a blockchain.