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Algebraix.io Launches Public Token Sale Using The CoinList Platform

AUSTIN, Texas,  — Algebraix.io, the developer of the permission-based ad platform that empowers individuals to monetize their personal data, will use the CoinList platform to launch its public sale of ALX tokens. The CoinList platform performs investor compliance checks so that accredited investors can purchase a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT). The Algebraix SAFT will allow participants to acquire ALX tokens at a significant discount and will be hosted on the Algebraix.io website.


“The initial reaction to our SAFT has been very positive,” said Charles Silver, CEO of Algebraix.io, “Migrating it to CoinList enables us to make our tokens available to the largest possible group of long-term and international investors. Advertisers and consumers now recognize that the digital ad model is severely flawed and it’s time to acknowledge that personal data is an asset owned by the individual.”

Today, companies like Facebook collect and monetize information about individuals’ habits, politics, health, investments and web behavior with no respect for their privacy. Their fading model of interruption marketing and data exploitation is long overdue for disruptive competition.

Algebraix.io is leading a new trend in advertising; it facilitates and encourages trust between consumers and advertisers. The current model of personal data exploitation and interruption marketing will be superseded by a permission-based model that puts consumers in control. Consumers will give explicit permission to advertisers to use their anonymized personal data for targeting.

ALX by Algebraix combines the financial transparency that the blockchain delivers with bullet-proof personal data privacy and data anonymization techniques, aligning itself with the popular global movement for data protection regulations.   

For more information on investing in the SAFT, please visit Algebraix.io.

About Algebraix.io

Austin, TX-based Algebraix.io has created a permission-based advertising platform, fueled by the ALX token, empowering individuals with control of their personal data and putting ad revenue where it belongs: into the wallets of consumers. Algebraix.io is also the inventor of Data Algebra a branch of applied mathematics that enables software developers to apply mathematics to data management and holds nine patents on its application.

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