AltSignals gathers popularity as Texas recognizes crypto in Bill of Rights

AltSignals gathers popularity as Texas recognizes crypto in Bill of Rights

By Motiur Rahman - min read
  • Investors have been angling for a share of $ASI as token presale accelerates

  • $ASI gears for its first listing in the second quarter

  • Investors have earmarked a 10x gain for $ASI

The idea of crypto becoming mainstream has been a hotly contested topic. There have been proponents and naysayers in equal measure. To proponents, however, their wish doesn’t seem more likely than when leading US states like Texas recognize the asset class. It means more room for new crypto projects. An example is AltSignals, which, within a few weeks in presale, has been attractive to users thanks to its innovative AI-based trading platform.

Texas state adds crypto to its Bill of Rights

Legislators in the US state of Texas have voted to amend its Bill of Rights to add digital assets. 139 lawmakers voted in favour of the move, against two, in what would see the state include cryptocurrencies in the state law. Individuals can own, use, and store digital assets in the proposed law.

The proposed legislation is significant as crypto remains an unrecognised asset class under federal law. Leading federal regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, have attempted to reign on the sector with punitive measures. If passed into law, the Texas bill will prohibit the government from hindering ownership or holding of any form of digital asset, allowing it to become mainstream.

Essentially, regulatory uncertainty has been of great concern to crypto innovators. As more jurisdictions like Texas clear the hurdle, crypto will have more room for growth. That will allow new projects like AltSignals to enjoy wider backing. 

Why has AltSignals been a success so far?

AltSignals is a UK trading signal service that was started in 2017. Although it began as a free signal service, strong demand for its trusted services saw it expand quickly, attracting novice and new traders alike. 

So far, AltSignals has generated over 3,780 signals, generating massive returns to its trading community of over 50,000 on Telegram. The company uses algorithm-based indicators to generate quality signals in digital assets, forex, stocks, and CFDs. One of its popular instruments is Binance Futures, which has consistently generated returns for investors with over 80% accuracy. 

ActualizeAI, the new AI-trading platform by AltSignals

AltSignals is moving a step higher in its signal generation service. The platform is integrating artificial intelligence for quality trade signals and risk management. ActualizeAI will be AltSignals’ new AI-based trading service, whose membership will be given by ownership of a new crypto token, $ASI. 

In line with the expected change, AltSignals is releasing $ASI through a presale that is currently 68.72% complete. $ASI owners will unlock membership in ActualizeAI, accessing the trading platform for trading signals and other benefits. 

There are exclusive presale opportunities for $ASI investors, with members also having a say in the governance through their stake. Members can also participate in trading tournaments and earn $ASI contributing to the platform’s developments. 

$ASI prediction in 2023 as presale demand soars

AltSignals token is still in presale, but the demand for the token has been high so far. With less than 32% remaining for the presale to close, analysts have been projecting a 1000% surge in the $ASI price once it debuts on exchanges. This is a genuine projection, given that AltSignals already has an existing community to fuel the demand for the token.

Predictably, $ASI can finish the year at $0.15 or a 10x increase. The token has a listing date in the second quarter of 2023, allowing ample time to hit the projected gain before the end of the year.

Should you invest in $ASI in May?

$ASI price is still low and trades at $0.015 in the initial stage of the presale. Investing while the token is in the presale means getting the token at a discount and enjoying the advantages of being an ActualizeAI member. By the time the token starts to move on exchanges, early investors would be the first to benefit from price increases.