AltSignals is 63% sold out as the hunt for new tokens takes SUI tokens to new heights

AltSignals is 63% sold out as the hunt for new tokens takes SUI tokens to new heights

By Motiur Rahman - min read
  • AltSignals presale is now 63% complete as investors camp on new tokens

  • $ASI, the native token, will power ActualizeAI, an AI-based signal service

  • $ASI could rise by 1,000% after listing on exchanges as more investors access the token

AltSignals upcoming token $ASI, currently in the first phase of the presale, is 63.85% sold out. The quick sell-off of the token that will power an AI trading signal service by AltSignals underlines investors’ growing appetite for new tokens. $ASI will be the first of its own for a reputable trading service provider, explaining why investors are anxious. Investors can join the presale here.

SUI token surges 1,000% amid strong demand 

SUI, the token of the highly anticipated Sui Network, went up 1,000% on May 03, shortly after it went live. The price increase underlined investors’ demand for newly launched tokens powering novel use cases. 

Sui is a Layer-1 blockchain network that operates similarly to established protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, unlike its peers, Sui facilitates instant transactions through Move, a native programming language. Sui also enables parallel transaction processing by scaling horizontally. Enthusiasts see this feature as crucial in the overall scalability and throughput of the network. As such, SUI is expected to be powerful in retail payments as well as gaming. 

The case for SUI is a testament that investors are always searching for the next big thing in crypto, despite the prolonged bear market. AltSignals token $ASI is in no way different. $ASI is unique, and its success is pegged on investors’ belief that it caters to an unmet need in the market – AI-enabled trading. So far, as the presale has shown, investors are highly optimistic.

What is AltSignals and $ASI

AltSignals is a UK-based signal service company that was launched in 2017. Since then, it has grown popular for providing quality trading signals to its over 50,000 members on Telegram. The trading signal service has earned a 4.8/5 star rating on Trustpilot. 

The AltSignals team wants to upgrade its signal-generating service after its early success. It seeks to integrate artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced sentiment analysis in signal generation. 

The new AI-powered trading platform, dubbed ActualizeAI, will be powered by $ASI crypto tokens. The tokens will be the unit of membership in ActualizeAI, which holders will use to vote on governance. The idea of fully automated trading, available 24/7, makes ActualizeAI a step higher and why investors are buying $ASI.

Is $ASI a good investment?

Looking at AltSignals in general, $ASI could be a good investment for investors looking to grow earnings through trading digital assets, shares, and forex. The good thing about the signal service is that it has earned a reputation for the past years. Investors know they are dipping their fingers into an already trusted service and company.

$ASI is starting, and its price could skyrocket as more investors join ActualizeAI. It then makes sense to expect huge returns once the token completes the presale and starts to get listed on exchanges. 

Apart from speculating on the price of $ASI, investors can earn by staking the token and participating in trading tournaments. Investors also get early access to exclusive opportunities on the platform. As such, the token could be a good investment for investors seeking passive income. 

Will $ASI reach $1 in 2023?

$ASI is valued at $0.015 presently. To get to $1, the token must rise by over 6,500%. This could be an over-ambitious prediction for 2023, although we can’t rule out the price in the future. 

Our conservative prediction is $0.15 when the token is listed on major exchanges, which is expected to occur in the second quarter. As we already saw with SUI, newly launched tokens easily rise by over 1,000% when demand is strong. Thus, if $ASI rises by similar margins, given the current and expected demand, a 10x price is most likely.