Review of The Giving Block, 2022’s top educational platform

Review of The Giving Block, 2022’s top educational platform

By Onose Enaholo - min read
Updated 26 January 2023

The Giving Block is a platform specifically catering to non-profit organizations. It is a solution for charities that makes accepting Bitcoin donations easy. Bitcoin has become very popular among younger users.

The platform’s goal is to educate its customers on the best crypto fundraising strategies and provide them with the tools they need to contact the most dynamically growing donor demographic in the world.

How it works

The user connects with the Giving Block’s expert team, sets up a widget and cryptocurrency donation page, and starts accepting donations. The platform’s widget is unique.

It also features automated tax receipts for donors, access to a client dashboard, support for more than 70 cryptocurrencies, expert support, the option to automatically hold donations or convert them to cash, and details about crypto fundraising strategies.

The Giving Block not only sets users up to accept crypto donations but also helps them raise funds actively. The platform supports neither low-quality cryptos nor unregistered charities and provides support following setup.

At the moment, the Giving Block’s featured fundraising projects are the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund in support of entities giving Ukraine humanitarian aid and Women & Girls Empowerment, which supports NPOs empowering girls and women across the globe. 

Another featured project is LGBTQIA+ Impact, which helps NPOs working with this community.

Other supported projects include environmental organizations, mission-driven organizations, education, well-being, and faith-based organizations. The full list of projects can be viewed at

Key features

The Giving Block makes it possible to accept crypto donations, raise funds, and donate to many charities in different sectors. Major cryptos are donated to schools, charities, and other non-profits.

The Giving Block’s private client services target institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and advisors, making them unique in this area. They help clients develop corporate donation programs via non-profit partnerships and matches.

Donations can be converted to fiat automatically. The donation widget is based on copy and paste, making it very easy to use. Donors get automatic receipts.

Users of the platform can take part in various exciting campaigns, like BitcoinTuesday, and grow a crypto donor audience on social media.


The Giving Block’s software allows donors to stay anonymous and donate crypto according to their schedule. 

The website layout itself is clean and straightforward. The platform has a comprehensive database of many different non-profits that need donations. 

The site is very user-friendly. You click on the non-profit’s name and get a short but informative description of what it does.


A user on Capterra complained it was hard to get the details needed for a Gemini bank account. They added that every other element was like the classic web plugin.

Another disadvantage that has been mentioned is the relative unpredictability of the flow of cryptocurrency revenue. Usually, donations are linked to special events. The donation’s equivalent in US dollars is also hard to see when mixed with other funds in a cash transfer.

Why should you sign up with the Giving Block?

If you want to make or receive a donation in crypto, you’ll be glad to know the Giving Block features an easy setup, reliable support, and good fundraising results.

You’ll never be in a situation where you find donations blocked, open up the wrong account, can’t convert to cash, etc. 

The platform is safe, fast, and straightforward. The Giving Block has an experienced, high-quality support team with years of experience helping non-profits and their donors.

The Giving Block holds campaigns to drive more donors to the organizations that sign up with the platform. It also provides them with resources to integrate into their marketing.

What makes the Giving Block unique?

While the Giving Block isn’t the only crypto donation service in the world, it’s probably the best crypto donation solution. 

Its well-devised ecosystem for charities and non-profits to fundraise Bitcoin and altcoins helps them get funds instantly, be found by crypto donors, and even become part of a media network to support their missions.

The bottom line

The Giving Block does a better job than other platforms at integrating and promoting its users. They offer top-grade support and encourage new users to venture into a novel revenue stream. Their advice on page setup and other technicalities is irreplaceable.