Ankr and Pocket Network partner to promote full decentralization

Ankr and Pocket Network partner to promote full decentralization

By Daniela Kirova - min read

Ankr, one of the most dynamically growing Web3 infrastructure providers, and Web3 blockchain data ecosystem Pocket Network have partnered to promote a fully decentralized infrastructure and improve the whole Web3 ecosystem, Coin Text learned from a press release. 

Pocket Network is now a node provider on Ankr

Pocket Network enables node runners to generate income by supplying Ankr protocol with nodes.

By combining their strengths, Ankr and Pocket Network will enable thousands of wallets, builders, and dApps interacting through RPC services with blockchains to benefit from a top-performance, fully decentralized node pool. 

Whitelisted providers can supply Ankr Protocol with nodes, with Pocket Network being the biggest and most decentralized provider ever added to the ecosystem.

Greg Gopman, Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr, commented:

Bringing Pocket onto the Ankr Protocol marks a new era of coverage and decentralization for Ankr and our clients. We love what Pocket has started and the passionate community they’ve fostered. We’re thrilled to have them join on our journey to create the best Web3 Infrastructure solutions.

Pocket sees 30% usage jump in first week of partnership

Pocket Network, which has become one of the go-to node providers serving blockchain requests via Ankr to the IoTeX and Harmony chains, boasts a globally distributed network of 44,000 nodes. 

The network’s use of IoTeX and Harmony nodes increased by 30% in the very first week of the partnership with Ankr. 

Pocket Network’s native token POKT is rising in popularity as traffic grows. The surge incentivizes Pocket Network’s token holders, developers, and node providers.

Ankr processes 6B blockchain requests a day  

On average, Ankr Protocol processes six billion requests across tens of blockchains daily. Its distribution will be enhanced following the partnership. They will provide the lowest latency connections regardless of the user’s location. 

As a result, dApps and developers will be able to connect to the most popular blockchains as quickly and in as decentralized a way as possible.

The partnership lets Ankr serve Web3 as a more collaborative protocol versus a centralized entity as it continues to diversify node providers and decentralize its infrastructure.