Anonymous crypto enthusiast puts on citywide BCH giveaway

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Hottest New Crypto Listing On Major Exchanges

Anonymous crypto enthusiast puts on citywide BCH giveaway

By Benson Toti - min read

An anonymous donor grabbed the attention of local media outlets and residents with a Bitcoin Cash treasure hunt giveaway

An anonymous crypto enthusiast manipulated social media to shine the spotlight on the bitcoin easter egg hunt he had created around Bakersfield, a city in California.

The “Bitcoin Man of Bakersfield” (BMB), who has described himself as an “anonymous growth hacker and media manipulator,” has placed 100 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) QR code stickers worth $1,100 in total around the streets of the city.

According to him, his campaign targets people who are new to the crypto community or people who otherwise never considered crypto before. While he has admitted there are existing crypto fans that were able to collect more than one BCH prize, the individual who claimed the biggest prize claimed to know very little about cryptocurrency.

A resident of Bakersfield, Indiana London, shared she had discovered a sticker and downloaded a digital wallet for the first time, even though she initially thought that the giveaway was a scam.

His blog posts narrates his simple yet unconventional method to redirecting local news attention to bitcoin.

In a section entitled “How To Turn Fake Hype Into Real Hype”, the Bitcoin Man illustrates how he edited the likes, comments, and shares on screenshots of facebook posts so it appeared to be trending.

“Everything in these screenshots are photoshopped to make it look like there’s social media hype around these stickers. I made these posts myself then just photoshopped in fake share counters, fake comments & fake profile names,” he explained.

After he completed this step, he then sent the screenshots to nearby media outlets using Facebook. He also posted them in several Facebook Groups with Bakersfield locals, which worked towards creating genuine curiosity from some.

“The media & news outlets love certain narratives & hate others. You need to give a very simple and positive “narrative” to what you’re doing,” he claimed.

The BMB ends his blog posts with a hint that he is planning an even bigger giveaway in the future.

The anonymous benefactor has revealed that he is usually based abroad, but will be staying in the area for the meantime. While he has not revealed the source of his giveaway funds, he is currently accepting donations in BCH through his blog. As of writing, blockchain records show that his wallet has 7.70 BCH— approximately $1,795.