As Talk of a Crypto Class War Makes Headlines, Companies Like Metacade Look to Share the Wealth

presale final stage
presale final stage

As Talk of a Crypto Class War Makes Headlines, Companies Like Metacade Look to Share the Wealth

By Alice Davies - min read

News headlines are filling up with claims that cryptocurrency investment is stoking a class war, with allegations that it is becoming an elitist pursuit inaccessible to people with less disposable income. With the recent collapse of FTX wiping out billions in assets and disproportionately affecting the regular Joe in the street, talk of a crypto class war has only intensified.

With some leading crypto coins, such as SOL, beginning to show signs of improvement following the FTX collapse, which precipitated price crashes across markets, new crypto projects such as Metacade are working hard to create offers that help its investors benefit in a variety of ways.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a brand-new player in the world of metaverse gaming. Its plans combine the past, present, and future in one exciting hub, to attract like-minded gaming enthusiasts and build the metaverse’s biggest gaming community. 

Among its legion of titles will be classic arcade games, the most compelling play-to-earn (P2E) titles, and exciting new games pushing the boundaries of Web3 and blockchain. Its exciting roadmap is set to revolutionize metaverse gaming well beyond its own platform, with innovation leaking into the wider Web3 world.

Although Metacade relies on an unparalleled P2E capability to funnel users onto the platform, several other exciting earning features will be provided to the community through the Create2Earn program. Community members are incentivized to create content on the hub by offering crypto rewards for every interaction. These can range from sharing alpha to participation in live chats, writing game reviews, and sharing the latest in-game tips.

In addition, users can stake the native MCADE token to enter online tournaments and lucrative prize draws through the Compete2Earn initiative. From Q1 2024 onwards, the Work2Earn scheme will also offer community members access to apply for gig jobs, paid beta testing, and exciting full-time Web3 career opportunities posted on the hub’s external job board.

Metacade: Driving GameFi innovation

One of the most exciting features Metacade is bringing to the metaverse gaming sphere is the Metagrants scheme – a critical facet of its plans to help give direction to the GameFi revolution, beyond the confines of their platform.

Launching in Q3 2023, developers are invited to apply for funding to support creating and developing exclusive P2E titles for release on Metacade. Each application is pooled and presented to the MCADE community, who vote for their favorites. The most popular submissions are granted funding to help turn ideas into reality, with the first new titles due for release in Q1 2024.

Metagrants will grant true autonomy to the Metacade community, in helping control the platform’s ultimate destiny and direction. Members gain full voting rights over which games get made, meaning they remain engaged with the platform throughout the process and get first dibs on playing new games they are excited to experience. The system is guaranteed to draw attention, and a new generation of GameFi fans, to the growing selection of P2E titles.

The Metagrants program is funded by the platform’s self-sufficient economy, which gains its revenue from several different sources, both internal and external. Community users can contribute via the Compete2Earn tournament entry fees, staking MCADE coins to support the infrastructure, and accessing pay-to-play titles. At the same time, external funding is generated via adverts on the platform, the release of non-Metacade-created games, and the hosting of job adverts from outside Web3 companies.

Is MCADE a safe investment?

Metacade developers learned significant lessons from the collapse of FTX and other big-name crypto failures, and have taken extraordinary steps to insulate the platform from volatile activity. 

Metacade has taken into account the issues affecting SOL in the aftermath of FTX’s fall from grace and the concerns of a crypto class war. Solana, which had close ties to FTX, lost over 50% of its market value in November because investors feared Sam Bankman-Fried had drained their wallets as well.

In order to protect investors from bad actors, Metacade’s team has been fully verified by the rigorous CertiK audit, which has substantively assured the quality and security of the platform’s code, team and contracts.

Metacade has put its community at the heart of everything Metacade does. Investors can feel safe not only because Metacade’s treasury is held in a multi-signature wallet, meaning two or more private signatures are required to send transactions, but also because Metacade does not have access to users’ wallets. These extra security measures make Metacade a safe investment.

MCADE: Sharing the wealth

All of these steps aim to protect the investment of all users, not just those with deep pockets. Metacade’s plan helps ensure that as Metacade grows in value, the value of every investor’s MCADE holding grows as well. In addition, unlike more expensive coins such as SOL, currently trading at $23.36, MCADE’s price is much more accessible for everyone.

Far from being part of any perceived crypto class war, MCADE’s current value of $0.014 is available to investors of all backgrounds, allowing them to share in the wealth. The presale event, which raised a phenomenal $5m in its first 10 weeks, has now raised $6.2m, continuing its enormous momentum. 

With the value of MCADE rising to $0.02 before being listed on exchanges, predictions are that demand will be high when it hits exchanges, so the presale is an opportunity not to be missed and investors are advised to move early to receive the best returns.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.