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BEAT Token Gets Bigger, Better and Fitter!

Join the Initial Token Sale until July 15th 2018rn

The BEAT ecosystem allows data creators and consumers to share their fitness data in exchange for BEAT tokens, enabling them to build contracts in exchange for staying healthy, like a company rewarding its employees for going to the gym. BEAT allows data creators and consumers to share their fitness data in exchange for tokens, enabling them to build contracts in exchange for staying healthy, like a company rewarding its employees for going to the gym.

Generated by the Ethereum Smart Contract ERC-20, the Beat Token has no minimum contribution, accepts ETH and SEPA as ways of purchase and will be listed on main exchanges upon the conclusion of the main sale. All the unsold tokens will be burned.

On February 20th 2018, MySports GmbH announced the launch of BEAT Initial Token Sale . and after three months, the vision over marketing and outreach was underestimated, leading on to the decision of postponing the Initial Token Sale from its original date of May 15th to July 15th 2018. The reasons are as followed:

The Increase of User Count – As a way to increase marketing strategies and guarantee a broader outreach through BEAT’s partnering ecosystems, by increasing user adoption, the data will become progressively more valuable as the range of collection sources broadens, allowing companies to participate and the creation of feedback loops for development. This, yet again, will be adding value and increasing the token price and attracting more users.

As a way to overview the current blockchain ecosystem, BEAT partnered with Paranoid Internet, a Berlin-based cryptocurrency marketing and consulting agency, known throughout the German startup and crypto industry as a community and ecosystem-builder, and actively engaged with industry experts and advisors who are bringing their expertise to the BEAT project.

Strengthen the BEAT Ecosystem – In order to avoid compromising the quality of the product being developed, BEAT set foundations for Magicline, Germany’s leading fitness management platform, by implementing BEAT’s revolutionary blockchain technology. By incorporating Lead management, task planning, sales tool and shift planning, this addition enabled the company to accelerate Magicline’s exponential growth,

Listing on Major Exchanges – BEAT is ensuring that users will be able to trade their tokens on major exchanges upon the end of the Initial Token Sale main-sale, as well being progressively and proactively listed on several renowned exchanges in the crypto space.

BEAT also introduced a token bonus for its converted users as of May 15th, 2018. All existing token holders will receive a 50% bonus on any purchased tokens they already own. For more details, read section 5.2/page 20 of the BEAT Whitepaper here

For a better understanding of what BEAT is aiming to achieve by postponing the Initial Token Sale, you can read below the potential use cases that will validate the viability of BEAT Token and the way it can improve the ecosystem:

  • Own Your Fitness Data – BEAT aims to link the industry Data Providers and Data Consumers through the NoExcuse app, allowing them to curate the data to be sold and bought, only accessible through previously discussed contractual agreements.
  • Employee Health Benefits – Companies will also be able to improve their work environment by providing benefits, being given the ability to quantify how much their employees worked out and reward them accordingly.
  • Get rewarded for working out – The BEAT system is designed to proportionally reward its users with redeemable tokens after any gym session and also by syncing the app with Magicline’s sports club network in Germany.
  • Data Privacy on the Blockchain – Trusted Third Parties will safeguard the data and assure its quality, accuracy and validity, by relying on the blockchain system and keeping data clean, clear and concise, avoiding its immutability and privacy breach.

BEAT – Do Sports. Benefit from your data. Earn tokens and discounts.

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