Beldex introduces BelNet, a VPN for full privacy and anonymity

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Beldex introduces BelNet, a VPN for full privacy and anonymity

By Daniela Kirova - min read

The Beldex platform has introduced BelNet, the second DApp in its privacy-preserving ecosystem of Web 3.0 applications, Coin Journal learned from an exclusive press release.

BelNet stores neither location nor IP data on servers, which makes the decentralized VPN service different from corporate and enterprise VPNs. 

Network uses custom onion routing 

BelNet uses Beldex’s decentralized nodes to direct incoming requests as needed using a customized onion routing protocol, ensuring complete, end-to-end anonymity and privacy in the process. 

BelNet not only conceals one’s identity, physical location, and IP address but is also immune to sybil attacks. Currently, more than 1000 distributed and active master nodes routing user traffic support the Beldex network. 

Mr. Afanddy Bin Hushni, Chairman of Beldex, said: 

The Beldex team is continuously striving to develop applications that emphasize security, protect data rights and privacy, and can scale at length, enabling mass adoption. That’s why we’ve launched BelNet, an application that relies on reliably distributed nodes and a low latency onion router.

Low-latency protocol to ensure fast speeds

Most VPNs today are slow, including decentralized VPNs. This is quite frustrating and discouraging for users. BelNet ensures above-average speed using a low-latency onion routing protocol.

Future users can access servers with higher bandwidth by connecting to exit node operators. 

Free, community-managed internet 

BelNet promotes fair, free internet for people all over the world by being censorship-resistant. This fact is of paramount importance to promoting unbiased information and free speech. 

People who need this most, like refugees, journalists, and minorities, will find BelNet especially beneficial. Of course, one can use BelNet to unblock sites, surf the net privately, or make an anonymous donation like they would any other VPN. 

In sum, BelNet is a version of a community-managed internet.

This launch is good news for democracy as the Internet Freedom Index has been declining worldwide for the last three years. Most of the countries affected are in Asia and Africa.