10 Best Crypto Presales to Invest in 2023 (Upcoming Presales)

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10 Best Crypto Presales to Invest in 2023 (Upcoming Presales)

By Benson Toti - min read
Updated 13 December 2022

With the crypto world continuing to rapidly expand, investing in new digital assets can be a tricky endeavour but also highly lucrative.

To ensure you make smart decisions with presale investments, this guide takes an expansive look at upcoming projects – outlining how investors can find their ideal asset from all the best crypto presale options available right now.

Here are the 10 best crypto presales to invest in with reviews of each project.

The Best Crypto Presales to Invest in Right Now

Looking ahead to 2023, our search revealed an enticing range of crypto presales ready for investment. From the offerings on the table, these stood out as particularly inviting prospects.

  1. Metacade (MCADE)
  2. EstateX (ESX)
  3. LunaOne (XLN)
  4. Sleep Care (SLEEP)
  5. Avoteo (AVO)
  6. WeSendit (WSI)
  7. Toon Finance (TFT)
  8. Artyfact (ARTY)
  9. Metropoly (METRO)
  10. Bet2ken (BTK)

Top 10 Presale Cryptos to Buy in 2023 Reviewed

1. Metacade (MCADE)

Metacade is Web3’s go-to for all things metaverse gaming, allowing players and crypto fanatics alike to interact in the rapidly increasing world of Play2Earn.

It empowers users by rewarding them with MCADE tokens each time they share reviews, alpha releases or other helpful writeups – creating a hub where gamers can learn more about GameFi while immersing themselves within this expanding ecosystem. 

Metacade, best crypto presale to invest in right now.With an ambitious vision moving forward into 2023 which aims to 10x its value as one of the hottest new metaverse tokens on the market, Metacade stands at the forefront of bridging accessibilities between aspiring game developers and avid gamers across platforms anywhere in existence today.

Metacade, the exciting new metaverse token platform, is packed full of features sure to draw in gamers from all demographics. 

Tournaments and prize draws are just some of its offerings – with Metagrants also providing an innovative opportunity for members to fund their own games via a competition-based system hosted in a virtual arcade.

Users may even have the chance to test out titles by working alongside game developers – potentially earning themselves returns within this unique Play2Earn ecosystem. 

With such enthralling prospects locked on board, does it really stand as much potential for 10x gains over 2023?

Metacade, the metaverse token affiliated with GameFi’s booming market growth of 10x traditional gaming by 2025 (Crypto.com), is set to launch soon.

With a presale price of $0.020 per MCADE token and 1.4 billion tokens circulating at its initial public offering, investors are eyeing an estimated potential increase in market cap from $28 million to a whopping ten-fold rise up – all the way to an impressive value close to 3 hundred million dollars ($280M).

The GameFi sector is taking off, and with it comes a new generation of metaverse tokens. The crypto world has already taken notice as the likes of The Sandbox and Decentraland, which have seen their market caps reach incredible heights, peaking at $6.5 billion and $7 billion respectively in 2021! 

If Metacade follows this pattern all signs point to its valuation skyrocketing 100x by 2023 – reaching an impressive $2.8 billion mark that could be achievable if estimates for the overall size of the industry prove accurate (Crypto.com predicts growth up to 50 Billion). 

Will history repeat itself? Only time will tell…

Metacade is in prime position to benefit from the rapid growth of both GameFi and metaverse technologies, having already witnessed how successful new tokens like The Sandbox and Decentraland can be. 

With their plans firmly set on becoming a major player in this rapidly evolving space, early adopters could soon reap huge rewards – with earning potentials up to 10x what they initially invested!

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

2. EstateX (ESX)

EstateX is gearing up to be one of the best crypto presales of this year, with its innovative concept already attracting a wide audience. 

The project plans on revolutionising real estate investing by giving people all over the world access and affordability in owning property through ‘fractional ownership’. 

EstateX (ESX)With each purchase or sale facilitated via ESX (EstateX’s native token), EstateX can potentially tap into Europe’s growing Tokenized Real Estate Market expected to reach €1.5 trillion within four years’ time.

Through EstateX, investors can join a revolutionary new blockchain system where ownership stakes are highly secure and transparent. 

They will have access to global 24/7 trading opportunities on the platform’s secondary marketplace – as well as being able to borrow quickly using asset-backed tokens. 

Plus, in 2022 they’ll even get involved with helping decide which properties should be part of this innovative DAO crypto project!

3. LunaOne (XLN)

LunaOne is making huge waves in the crypto space this year – and for good reason. This metaverse project will be an all-encompassing virtual world, used for gaming, businesses and education purposes. 

As a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), token holders have direct input on shaping how LunaOne operates; plus they’ll get to enjoy plenty of cutting edge features like streaming platforms with built-in reward systems, compatibility with Virtual Reality headsets and even personalised avatars within their users’ own universes. 

LunaOne (XLN)It’s no surprise that many are hailing it as one of the best Web 3.0 coins around – don’t miss out on getting involved!

Get ready to join over 7,600 crypto enthusiasts in the highly anticipated LunaOne presale. As a platform built on Binance Smart Chain technology, users can experience low network fees and look forward to conducting transactions with XLN – its native token. 

There’s sure to be lots of rewards along this exciting journey ahead so don’t miss out.

4. Sleep Care (SLEEP)

Sleep Care is set to revolutionise the growing ‘Social-Fi’ niche as an innovative blockchain-based platform, paying users for their sleeping habits. 

Utilising GPS and body sensors linked with iOS or Android devices, Sleep Care creates a data map of sleep quality which rewards users in $SLEEP tokens after five hours of restful slumber. 

Sleep Care (SLEEP)For those who think they can beat the competition each month; there will even be prizes available on leaderboards. Now you can get paid while catching some Zzz’s – it doesn’t get any better than that.

Sleep Care’s innovative approach to cryptocurrency has already earned it a dedicated following in the crypto world. 

With community features such as comparing sleeping habits and a built-in burn mechanism, investors are looking at $SLEEP for exciting long term returns. Look into it; this low cap gem may be your ticket to financial success.

5. Avoteo (AVO)

Avoteo is shaking up the world of crypto with its innovative presale in 2022. Offering a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, Avoteo aims to revolutionise the capital raising process for startups globally. 

For AVO holders, voting on exciting projects can result not only in making a difference but also earning passive income through profit sharing features. 

Beyond that, there’s even more: start-ups looking for freelancers will find their needs met as well with skill marketplace options and users who invest will have access to tangible benefits like governance voting or purchasing goods/services using AVO at supported businesses – it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Regarding safety, Avoteo has already been audited by Certik and is supported by numerous leading crypto firms, such as Coinzilla and Blockchain Army. 

The project is currently in Phase 2 of its presale, with investors able to buy AVO tokens through the project’s website. With the launch date set for September, all eyes will be on Avoteo’s progress throughout the latter part of the year.

6. WeSendit (WSI)

With 10 years of experience in business, WeSendit has become a trusted platform for over 3.5 million users across 150 countries to easily share files. 

Now the Swiss company is taking things one step further and entering web 3.0 with their decentralised version that will use blockchain technology to protect data security and privacy while transferring transactions.

WeSendit (WSI)WeSendit is revolutionising the digital space with its new platform, offering users two ways to access their services.

Both options provide a secure experience – you can either sign in and pay via PayPal or anonymously transfer your funds using WESENDIT tokens while benefiting from an impressive 60% discount. 

Plus, token holders will be given additional rewards upon launch of the presale.. Get ready for this innovative way to send money worldwide today.

7. Toon Finance (TFT)

From its relatively recent launch, Toon Finance has rocketed to the top of the crypto rankings! A formidable team of developers and artists are behind this success. 

With their nimble skills and liberating creativity they have revolutionized how we transact; bridging blockchains, trading cryptocurrencies & engaging us with captivating NFTs all in one place.

Toon FinanceToon Finance Coin has quickly become the most popular meme coin on the market and is stirring up a lot of attention—not just from investors, but also for their game-changing DEX platform.

Their native utility token TFT can be used to buy NFTs that enrich gameplay experiences as well as vote on community games with its Cross Chain resource. 

This amazing new technology could revolutionise cryptocurrency trading by giving added authority and credibility to stocks like Toon Finance even after it started off life solely being shared in memes!

TFT Coin users will be able to conduct secure and cost-effective exchanges without involving a third party. This peer-to-peer network allows traders to bypass conventional trade protocols, enabling them to buy and sell directly with one another in an easy and efficient way.

8. Artyfact (ARTY)

Artyfact is an ambitious project, fusing together the high-fidelity graphics and addictive gameplay of a modern open-world game with revolutionary Play-and-Earn (PAE) features. 

artyfactMaking use of Binance Smart Chain’s blockchain technology and Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities, Artyfact could be the first gaming metaverse that truly combines both P2P and P2E elements in one package – allowing gamers to blend their passion for playing games with earning rewards from it.

After announcing its demo earlier this month, gamers everywhere are already getting excited about entering into Artyfacts immersive Web3 world!

9. Metropoly (METRO)

Metropoly is revolutionising the world of real estate investing – giving users everywhere a chance to reap financial rewards from income-generating properties worldwide. 

With no barriers or hidden fees, individuals can take advantage of this easy and hassle-free way to invest with only $100 USD required for entry. 

Metropoly real estate crypto presaleAn experienced team carefully selects each property based on inspection reports so customers know what they are getting into before making an investment! The platform offers investors both long-term rentals and short term holiday homes; opening up new pathways in achieving their goals faster than ever before.

Metropoly is shaking up the crypto game with their limited edition ERC-20 token, METRO. Built on Ethereum Blockchain and boasting a total supply of 1 Billion tokens, this utility token can be used to make payments or receive rewards in Metropoly’s innovative ecosystem. 

And now early adopters fans have an exclusive chance at becoming part of it during its upcoming presale! 

With five tiers ranging from Student to Tycoon – each offering special incentives such as NFTs, cashback investments and bonus tokens for use inside the platform – anyone can join in on all that Metropoly has to offer. Don’t miss out — get your piece of history today!

10. Bet2ken (BTK)

With Bet2ken, you can get in on the action of major sports and events worldwide. And when we say “action”, we mean it – this premier online platform not only offers traditional (and secure) betting via cryptocurrencies but also Play-to-Earn games and a Prediction Marketplace. 

It’s even possible to make money with Peer-to Peer exchange rate bets. All player outcomes are ensured through smart contracts, meaning everyone will be rewarded fairly for their wagers. Bet2ken

Plus as an added bonus there is exclusive access to the native token of the ecosystem – so whether you choose sportsbetting or play your odds at another game, Bet2ken has plenty of ways for players to win big.

Bet2ken’s launch of a revolutionary token will coincide with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, giving investors access to unparalleled rewards and governance rights. 

With 25% profits redistributed every month for players who placed losing wagers – even losses are winning opportunities. Not only that but this regular presale crypto can also be staked directly from Bet2ken’s website – so don’t miss your chance at becoming part of this historic event.

What Is a Crypto Presale?

Crypto presales provide investors with a unique opportunity – the potential to make huge returns on digital assets purchased at discounted prices. 

Prior to an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), these tokens can be acquired either directly from the platform’s website or through other investor channels, and then later resold for a profit once listed on exchanges. 

Of course, which approach is best depends heavily upon individual risk appetite as well as how strong each project looks in terms of its overall viability.

Crypto presales are a lucrative opportunity for investors, with some projects offering rewards to early participants that make their contributions even more attractive. 

While certain platforms require advanced registration, others like Metacade give everyone the chance to get in on the action – no strings attached!

How to Find the Best Crypto Presales to Invest In

The cryptocurrency market is no longer a fringe industry, as digital assets now have the potential to take their place in mainstream business. 

Despite bearish sentiment from many investors during this crypto winter period, there are still tokens showing remarkable resilience and presenting excellent opportunities for savvy buyers who can spot an emerging project. 

With more new cryptocurrencies entering the scene each month, it’s important that smart investments rely on solid analysis of these projects before buying into them.

Investors need not search blindly for the most profitable crypto presales with the help of key indicators. By keeping these essential factors under consideration, wise purchase decisions can be made that may yield promising results.

Look in the Right Places

For those looking for the upcoming releases in cryptocurrency, it’s important to do your research before investing. 

Crypto aggregators like Coinmarketcap and Coingecko are essential tools, but don’t forget about popular social media websites and online forums such as Twitter or Reddit that can provide valuable insights into which new digital tokens might be popping up soon. 

With presales happening even prior to ICOs or IDOs being listed on exchanges, there is sure to be a bounty of information out there – keep your eyes open.

Do Adequate Research on the Project

Investing in a new crypto project can be a daunting task, as the plethora of scams makes it difficult to discern which ones are legitimate. 

As such, research is essential for those looking to make wise investments. After selecting potential projects from your shortlist and reading up on their whitepapers, consider taking an even closer look at their roadmap – this will show you when they plan on achieving each milestone along with how successful they have been thus far. 

Ultimately all these elements combine into one powerful way of understanding whether or not investing in that particular project may bring rewards later down the line.

If a certain crypto project does not have a whitepaper or a roadmap, this is a red flag that investors should not want to overlook. 

That being said, not every project with a whitepaper represents a good choice. Instead, investors should consider what the unique value proposition of the project is and why it would make a compelling opportunity.

Research the Development Team 

A top-notch crypto project is the product of a knowledgeable team that understands and embraces its industry. 

To ensure success, projects must be backed by experts who are familiar with blockchain technology as well as other related concepts such as play-to-earn gaming models. In this way, long term longevity can be achieved for any given venture.

Review & Understand the Project’s ‘Tokenomics’

Crypto presales offer a unique opportunity to gain early access to the newest and most promising tokens in the blockchain space. 

To ensure success, investors must review tokenomics – how many total coins were issued and whether any will be “burned” post-launch– as this can drastically affect its long term price potential. 

Our guide on pre-buying crypto helps those interested unlock all of these details, so they have everything needed for successful investments that stand out from the crowd!

Utilise Social Media

Digital coins have found great success thanks to social media, with Dogecoin being the most recent example. 

Elon Musk’s tweets and Reddit discussions propelled its price higher in a stunning display of collective power over financial markets. 

Social forums can thus be powerful tools for investors looking out to discover potential new cryptocurrencies – but they should take basic steps such as background research first before taking any action.

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Crypto Presales?

Crypto presales allow investors to take advantage of discounted prices and the potential for a future profit by snagging tokens at their lowest cost before they hit exchanges. 

High Price Potential

With reduced entry costs and expansive growth opportunities, savvy crypto investors could capitalise on buying larger quantities that might prove highly rewarding should these coins grow in value over time.

Opportunity to Earn Passive Income

Crypto projects are not only giving investors the opportunity to get in early on groundbreaking new technologies, but also potentially yielding passive income. 

Things like Avoteo tokens distribute tax collected from transactions back to holders – up to 3% of each transaction. 

For added gain, many crypto initiatives have a staking feature that allows you to lock in your investment for greater rewards. 

If you’re looking at which presale is worth your time and money, make sure to check out all associated benefits; it could mean more earnings than just price appreciation alone.

Early Investor Advantage 

Investing in presale crypto projects allows investors to jump on the ground floor of an innovative concept, securing potentially high returns for years ahead. 

Plus, it’s a great chance to connect with other passionate and knowledgeable members of the community. 

Dogecoin is perhaps one prime example – what began as a meme coin has since seen its early adopters rewarded handsomely for taking part at such an early stage.

Crypto Presales Risks

Investing in a crypto presale can be an exciting way to jumpstart your digital currency portfolio, but potential investors should keep one thing top of mind: the risk. 

A project may not pan out as expected and leave you with worthless tokens; or if market conditions change suddenly after its ICO, any profit-earning possibilities could sink along with it. 

Taking stock of these dangers is essential for anyone hoping to make their crypto dreams come true.

Best Crypto Presales – Final Thoughts

With the promise of discounted tokens and additional rewards, jumping in on a presale can be an attractive option for investors looking to get ahead. 

However, with dozens of new projects launching each month it’s tough to find ones that are genuinely worth investing in – until now! 

Metacade is offering their final phase presale on the MCADE token, giving investors access to all they need to succeed within this growing market along with discounts not available anywhere else. Secure yourself one while you still have time and start benefiting from what crypto has to offer.