10 Best Upcoming ICO Cryptos to Invest in 2024

10 Best Upcoming ICO Cryptos to Invest in 2024

By Benson Toti - min read

With the blockchain adding new projects almost daily, it can be hard to decide which ones offer investors sound returns. 

To help you out, we’ve done all of the research so you don’t have to. Our list of the best upcoming ICOs details each project’s features and benefits – perfect for any investor looking to capitalize on low prices during a coin offering. 

Let’s discover how potential earnings from these Initial Coin Offerings could benefit your investment portfolio today.

The Best Upcoming ICOs in 2024

  1. Metacade (MCADE)
  2. Hedera (HBAR)
  3. NEAR Protocol (NEAR)
  4. Kryptview (KVT)
  5. O-MEE (OME)
  6. WeSendit (WSI)
  7. SubQuery (SQT)
  8. SeaCoast (COAST)
  9. Social-Service (SSE)
  10. Mavia (MAVIA)

Top 10 New ICO Cryptos to Invest in 2024 Reviewed

1. Metacade (MCADE)

Metacade is the first of its kind in Web3 – a cosy hub for gamers and community members alike to get together, enjoy each other’s company, play diverse crypto games, and potentially reap investment rewards. 

Instead of having all your eggs in one basket with investing into the success or failure of just one project/game title like you usually would have to do elsewhere, here multiple projects are housed under one roof giving investors more diversified options. 

Metacade, best upcoming ICO.The best part being that no matter what genre catches your eye from day-to-day there will always be something enjoyable waiting inside.

Investing in MCADE tokens is the key to unlocking a growing gaming economy and taking advantage of exclusive rewards.

Be early, get ahead – you could be reaping serious returns as Metacade takes off. Not only that, but it’s also a virtual meeting place where gamers can build connections and create incredible projects together.

Metacade is the talk of the town in the Web3 space, and their platform promises to revolutionise how gamers find opportunities. 

With its meteoric rise as one of 2022’s premier projects, Metacade has earned itself a spot at number 1 on our list for most exciting cryptocurrency tokens right now.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

2. Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera provides a revolutionary blockchain platform for individuals and organisations to bring their most creative ideas to life. 

Its diverse uses – from token service, smart contracts, and NFTs creation & management – help drive the development of decentralised applications across Web2 and Web3 domains. Hedera (HBAR)

The HCS tool empowers users by providing them with an accurate timestamping feature useful in building future-proof projects that remain immune to manipulation or data tampering attempts.

Unlocking the full potential of Hedera’s network requires ownership of its native token, HBAR. This energy-efficient cryptocurrency offers users a safeguard against malicious attacks and is used to pay for application transaction fees. 

As one of the most promising crypto ICOs set to launch on Coinbase soon, investing in this unique coin could be highly rewarding.

3. NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

NEAR Protocol is ushering in a new era of the internet, empowering users to easily access decentralised applications. 

With its innovative Layer 1 blockchain and unique scaling mechanism, this platform enables developers to quickly create dApps with optimum results – revolutionising the way we use technology.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR)NEAR is the ultimate developer toolkit, providing savvy coders or beginners everything they need to build Web3.0 applications with ease and efficiency.

With powerful CLI tools and simple SDKs at their fingertips, users can write smart contracts in a language of their choosing – no hard-to-learn Solidity or Vyper necessary. 

Should any help be needed along the way there’s free documentation complete with tutorials ready as well as daily calls offered by NEAR itself for extra reassurance.

4. Kryptview (KVT)

Have you heard about Kryptview, the new cryptocurrency that’s revolutionising the crypto market? This research-to-earn platform guarantees accuracy and transparency by allowing users to contribute their insights on digital tokens. 

It offers a unique opportunity for participants to earn rewards simply by providing reviews about different companies in this unregulated industry – an unprecedented chance to get involved with blockchain technology.

Kryptview (KVT)Are you looking for an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a blockchain-driven revolution? Kryptview might be your answer.

This innovative platform is designed to provide crypto investors with transparent, objective information about potential cryptocurrency projects – eliminating any doubt around legitimacy and preventing scams from taking advantage of trusting users. 

For those who contribute quality content (which can even include their own assessment of prices) there’s also compensation available in KVT coins.

There has never been such a simple path towards success – join Kryptview today and make sure that you’re always one step ahead when it comes to investing.

5. O-MEE (OME)

O-MEE is an innovative ICO launching in 2022 which brings a powerful combination of social media and NFT marketplace to help creators make money from their digital works. 

O-MEE (OME)Content developers can take full advantage of the O-MEE platform, featuring tools such as subscription models and private hubs, plus access to monetization opportunities within the NFT market with $OME token power.

Welcome to Web3.0: where creativity meets financial reward.

6. WeSendit (WSI)

WeSendit is bringing blockchain technology to the mainstream with their new crypto-driven platform, making large file transfers safe and easy. 

WeSendit (WSI)Already seeing success across 150 countries with 3.5 million users, WeSendit continues to revolutionise data sharing by allowing premium members complete anonymity of their files as well as incentivizing use through reward tokens from an activity pool.

By holding WSI tokens, you can get access to the airdrop of 45 million coins after their public sale. 

This isn’t all though; following this release, WeSendit will let investors take advantage of staking for up to 200% APR. Take part in one or both and earn big rewards with WSI.

7. SubQuery (SQT)

For developers looking to create decentralised apps, SubQuery is the perfect all-in-one toolkit. 

Built for use on popular platforms such as Polkadot, Substrate and Avalanche, it supports a “decentralised data service” with an easy ‘Hero Course’ guiding users through each step of building their dApps – no need for complex backend systems. 

SubQuery (SQT)Be sure not to miss out on this incredible resource.

SubQuery’s upcoming ICO presents an exciting opportunity for investors to get ahead of the curve and purchase tokens before the project hits its stride. 

Just under 9% of SubQuery’s total supply is up for grabs, with USDC accepted as payment at a fixed rate of $0.0275 per token – so don’t miss out on this prime chance to jump onboard early.

8. SeaCoast (COAST) 

SeaCoast is revolutionising the crypto platform, offering users more than just an exchange of digital assets. 

This next-gen network hopes to ‘tokenize the coast’ by providing insights into some of nature’s most picturesque regions – including knowledge related to our coasts and oceans. 

SeaCoast (COAST), upcoming ICO.By sharing geotagged content with other members, users can be rewarded in $COAST tokens which are then ‘anchored’ within SeaCoast fund for added benefits. With such a wide range of use cases, SeaCoast could become one of crypto’s hottest projects yet.

Get in on the ground floor of SeaCoast’s ambitious project. By participating in their upcoming ICO with as little as €100 ($102), investors can receive exclusive NFTs and have a chance to be part of this digital ecosystem that isn’t due for completion until 2025. 

Get ready to launch into crypto – sign up now.

9. Social-Service (SSE)

Unlocking financial freedom across the world, Social-Service is a groundbreaking crypto project set to revolutionise how we use P2P services and blockchain technology. 

The platform looks to bridge social networks with resource sharing ventures that provide ‘mutually beneficial opportunities’ without monetary transactions. 

Social-Service (SSE)With its decentralised structure allowing usage in any country around the globe, it’s launching soon – firstly via ‘Pre-ICO’ this year before stepping into full ICO territory during 2023.

Plus coming months will see a Beta version of their app drop ready for next year’s official release – could this be one giant leap forward in our approach towards economy?

With just a few weeks left to take advantage of the pre-ICO phase, over 108,000 $SSE tokens have already been purchased for the Social Service ecosystem. 

This unique project has yet to reveal all its details but is certainly worth keeping track of as we enter into 2023 – an ICO you won’t want to miss.

10. Mavia (MAVIA) 

Gamers, get ready to enter a world like never before. Mavia is the upcoming AAA ‘blockchain based builder’ game of 2022. 

Players can create their own in-game bases and conquer others with strategic warfare inspired by Command & Conquer. 

Mavia, new ICO.

Victorious gamers will earn $RUBY – Mavia’s revolutionary native token that rewards users for skillful play as well as providing them various in-game upgrades and challenges. 

In addition, they can use it within the metaverse itself, making this one of the most versatile digital currencies available today.

Mavia is quickly gaining momentum as anticipation builds for their launch in Q4 2022. With an integrated NFT marketplace and the capability to stream live battles, they’ve promised a one-of-a-kind experience that’s sure to amaze when it hits the market. 

In just a few weeks, Mavia will open up its token sale plus virtual land sales – so make sure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

What’s an ICO?

Investing in an ICO is a unique opportunity to access the pre-public sale of cryptocurrencies. Unlike IPO’s, which offer shares of companies going public, those investing on ICOs receive digital tokens instead. 

2024 will be a crucial year for these investors as they need projects that solve pressing issues and prove their potential returns are worth it – turning good ideas into great investments.

The new world of ICO crypto offers excitement and innovation as a wide variety of projects remain untethered to traditional regulations. This can be an attractive prospect for those looking to launch their own endeavours that may have otherwise been hindered by complex bureaucratic requirements.

How Do ICOs Work?

ICOs are growing in popularity as an innovative new way to finance projects. Rather than relying on banks or traditional methods, anyone with the right technology and expertise can develop their own ICO structure – be it uncapped supplies, capped limits or anything else that fits.

The three main structures of ICOs are:

  • Pre-set token price + Capped supply

  • Variable token price + Capped supply

  • Pre-set token price + Variable supply

Of course for these initiatives to succeed they need investors so savvy marketing becomes a key factor too; from collaborations with leading ICO agencies all the way through social media engagement.

Interested in investing in an up-and-coming cryptocurrency? The process is easy. All you need to do is find a project that resonates with your goals, register on the project’s website and purchase tokens through its exchange. As soon as these are acquired, store them safely away in a crypto wallet until it’s listed for sale – then get ready for some potential market opportunity.

How to Find New Upcoming ICOs

Cryptocurrency investment is blossoming, which makes it easier than ever for investors to discover potential new ICOs. 

Whether you’re a novice or veteran investor, there are numerous ways that can be used to identify the next big crypto opportunity – from monitoring blog posts and forums to attending events. 

Whatever your strategy may be, uncovering upcoming token sales has never been more accessible.

Use social media: Crypto enthusiasts are blessed with a wealth of resources to inform their investments. Twitter and Reddit provide unparalleled real-time updates on new projects, while YouTube channels offer up engaging and objective discussions around upcoming cryptocurrency initial coin offerings (ICOs). Keeping one’s finger firmly on the pulse is essential for any crypto investor.

Keep track with an ICO calendar: CoinMarketCap’s ICO calendar provides an exciting glimpse into the future of crypto-finance. It offers a comprehensive overview of upcoming Initial Coin Offerings, including their projected launch and conclusion dates as well as each project’s funding targets. Investing via ICOs requires careful research – but with this valuable tool at your disposal you’ll be prepared to make informed decisions on which projects deserve your attention.

ICO platforms: If you’re interested in investing in ICOs and IDOs, there are plenty of resources available. Dedicated websites provide information on the opportunities they offer as well as conducting thorough KYC checks to give potential investments ratings based on their projected success rate.

Are New ICO Coins a Good Investment?

Crypto presales and ICOs entry can be a part of an investor’s portfolio, but is it really worth the risk? Before deciding to jump in on the digital currency bandwagon, consider these factors: potential returns, legal protection and transparency. With thoughtful analysis you might find yourself at the forefront of lucrative investment opportunities.

Access to New and Exciting Use Cases

Investing in ICOs can help savvy investors gain access to valuable tokens that may disrupt the crypto market. A sterling example of this is Battle Infinity’s ambitious project, which attempts to unite an impressive six distinct ideas into a single metaverse-powered ecosystem – something no other blockchain has yet achieved.

Potential for Huge Returns

ICOs provide a unique opportunity for investors, with the potential to reap immense rewards should their chosen project reach success. Costing only a fraction of what will be possible further down the line, these investments make it accessible for nearly anyone looking to add some spice and financial gain into their portfolio.

Crypto tokens offer investors a chance to get in on the ground floor of potentially lucrative projects. EOS is one case study that shows just what’s possible when it comes to returns – their 2017 ICO saw early adopters quadruple their money within twelve months.

Generate Passive Income

The crypto world has never been so lucrative. Whether it’s through staking, yield farming or passive taxation rewards on ‘static’ projects, investors can now rake in regular income streams solely for holding tokens. And with many ICO coins also offering thrilling P2E (player-to-entity) gaming opportunities that offer even more generous returns – there’s no better time to join the digital currency revolution and start cashing in.

Best Upcoming ICOs – Final Thoughts

With investors keeping a keen eye on the market, 2024 is posed to be an interesting year in terms of Initial Coin Offerings. Amongst ten exceptional projects announced this week stands Metacade, which has already made waves amongst early adopters and promises exciting opportunities for those willing to take the risk.