Bitcoin staking Layer-2 Social Network announces mainnet launch

Bitcoin staking Layer-2 Social Network announces mainnet launch

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Social Network has announced its mainnet launch, scheduled for April 22.
  • The fair launch will also include a gamified “touch grass” NFT experience for participants.

Social Network, a Bitcoin staking Layer-2 solution, has announced the launch of its mainnet as it seeks to add to Bitcoin’s scalability.

The platform’s mainnet launch is set for April 22, and will herald the start of a new incentive model for the burgeoning economy on the world’s largest blockchain network.

Social Network’s fair launch to include gamified experience

According to details shared with CoinJournal, Social Network’s launch comes after the team recently finalized a key milestone. This involved the launch of 369 Regens on Bitcoin’s block 9, a block that BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto mined in 2009.

Social Network opened early access to the fair launch to more than 10,000 testnet contributors and the 369 Bitcoin Regen holders on April 1. The project will expand this to the public on April 14.

Social Network represents a significant leap forward for Bitcoin, making it more accessible, efficient, and beneficial to the environment,” said Sukhveer Sanghera, Founder and CEO of Earth Wallet and Core Contributor to Social Network.

We are excited to invite early adopters to join us on this journey to unlock Bitcoin as a utility for Earth scale regeneration, and experience the benefits firsthand,” Sanghera added.

As well as the fair launch, Social Network has revealed plans for an NFT experience for users.

While the platform looks to bolster decentralized access to staking rewards on Bitcoin, the Pokemon Go-like offering is designed to provide a gamified experience for participants.

The target, according to the team, is to promote both a fair global distribution as well as align the ecosystem with its sustainability goals.

The gamification aspect of Social Network’s fair launch is a unique and engaging way to encourage people to explore the outdoors and reconnect with nature,” Elizabeth Tan, a Social Network contributor said.