Bitmedia: Cutting through the noise with granular ad control

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Bitmedia: Cutting through the noise with granular ad control

By Onose Enaholo - min read

Bitmedia Review 2022

Bitmedia is an advertising marketplace that connects crypto firms with potential users through a network of publishers. Crypto firms like exchanges, wallets, and even new coins/tokens can sign up for an account, choose from a list of publishers, and display their ads to millions of potential customers.

This review dives into how Bitmedia works, how its network helps companies reach the relevant audience, and how publishers can also benefit from their content.

How it Works

Bitmedia acts as a middleman between crypto firms (called advertisers) and content websites (called publishers) and works on both fronts.

For Advertisers

Advertisers open an account with Bitmedia, create an ad campaign, and select which geographical regions they want to target including which devices they wish to focus on. They can also choose when they want their ads displayed and how many times they must be shown daily.

Next, advertisers create the type of ads they wish to display. Bitmedia supports text ads, image ads, responsive ads, and HTML banners of various sizes. After uploading the ad materials, advertisers select a minimum price they are willing to pay per click or impression, the minimum is 0.00000205BTC ($0.041). The higher the price the better their chances of getting impressions.

Advertisers fund their accounts with Bitcoin and launch their campaigns.

Bitmedia’s engine coordinates which ads are shown on what pages and chooses the most relevant ad based on criteria like the amount paid for impressions, the visitor’s interest, the specific page the reader is on, and the ad topic.

To ensure that the traffic advertisers pay for is genuine, Bitmedia runs bot and anti-fraud checks. This way, only traffic from legitimate readers is paid for.

For Publishers

For publishers, Bitmedia offers content producers an opportunity to monetise their publication by partnering with them to place relevant ads that channel their readers to the products and services of crypto firms that run ad campaigns.

Publishers can create an account, pass quality checks, and choose what monetisation model they like. The ones available are cost-per-click (CPC) which pays publishers for every reader who clicks on the ad, and cost-per-impressions (CPM) which pays publishers for every 1000 impressions.

Alternatively, publishers can set a floor limit to the cost per impression that filters out advertisers who pay less than the floor price.

When their content has generated revenue, publishers receive profits in Bitcoin withdrawable to a wallet of their choice.

Key Features

Smart Advertising

Bitmedia runs an algorithmic-powered ad selection system that only shows the most relevant ads based on predetermined criteria like the advertiser’s bid amount, publisher’s website theme or topic, and the ad’s topic.

This ensures that the traffic generated is from the right audience.

Advertisers also get access to tools that filter the type of traffic they receive by geographical location, device types, and other criteria.

Various Ad Formats

If you’re an advertiser, you can choose the type of ad you want to display.

You can use text ads which are simple text banners with a button and call to action that gets readers to engage in a specific activity or image banners which are more visually stimulating.

Alternatively, you can use responsive ads to create custom experiences based on location and device type. You can also adapt this ad to the publisher’s website theme so it looks more natural.

Publishing Revenue Models

Publishers can choose the revenue model they prefer between CPC or CPM and floor CPM.

CPC and CPM pay publishers per click for the former and per 1000 impressions for the latter. Publishers can also set a floor CPM to exert more control over whose ads show up on their site.

Pros and Cons of Bitmedia


  • Bitcoin pricing removes currency and geographical restrictions

  • Anti-fraud system ensures advertisers get in front of the right audience

  • Publishers get paid for producing good content

  • Affordable minimum bid for ads ($0.25 for CPC, $0.30 for CPM)

  • Easy deposit and withdrawal as accounts come with Bitcoin wallets

  • Advertisers receive traffic from over 10,000 publishers

  • Instant withdrawals


  • Minimum withdrawal limit of $20

  • Fluctuating Bitcoin prices may increase the cost of ads

Why Should You Use Bitmedia?

Bitmedia stands out from its competitors in the vastness of its publisher network. The advertising platform has partnered with over 10,000 publishers in the crypto space located around the globe. Crypto companies get access to an audience in virtually every country or geographical region in the world.

As a crypto company, you can manage global campaigns from a single dashboard. You don’t need to maintain relationships with various publishers or run affiliate programs, reducing your advertising cost.

Also, the traffic you pay for is from your target audience. Using the powerful filter tools, you choose who sees your ads, when, and on what device.

Lastly, Bitmedia’s decentralised payment structure breaks all geographical or regulatory barriers to using the platform. Publishers get instant payouts to their Bitcoin wallets.


Bitmedia provides an effective system for crypto companies to cut through the noise and generate powerful leads. Its advertising process streamlines the marketing pipeline, significantly reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Its flexible ad formats enable companies to reach potential customers in engaging and interesting ways and its targeting tools exert granular control over the ad performance.

Publishers aren’t left out as the platform rewards great content. The more useful your content, the more potential it has to convert. Publishers can focus on what they love, producing great content, and get rewarded for it.

Lastly, their customer service is on standby to help with whatever problems you may have.

Bitmedia makes advertising profitable for both parties while ensuring readers get the most relevant ads for their needs. It’s a win for everyone involved.