Bitsgap – Multi-exchange solution for profitable crypto trading

Bitsgap – Multi-exchange solution for profitable crypto trading

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 25 May 2020

While cryptocurrency has offered the world a completely new and exciting way to hold and trade assets, it does have its problems. One of those problems is the fragmented market.

There are hundreds of different cryptocurrency exchanges, and all of them vary greatly in regards to which assets they support. It can be extremely frustrating for any crypto trader.

Many traders find that they have to swap between different exchanges and manage so many accounts that it’s anxiety-inducing. However, thanks to awesome new tools available on the multi-exchange platform that’s a thing of the past.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing Bitsgap, one of the fast-growing cryptocurrency multi-exchange solution which can help you to declutter your browser and give you a serious edge over other traders.

Bitsgap allows you to trade on 25+ exchanges

The Bitsgap platform’s main claim to fame is that they allow you to trade on 25+ different cryptocurrency exchanges from just one interface. Instead of having your browser littered with various tabs and having so many tools open in your browser it sputters and dies, you can use just one neat little package to do it all.

Adding APIs to your accounts is straightforward, and the trading screen is optimized so you can place your trades quickly. Great addition of the trading screen is that you can go full screen for easy drawing, and swap between candlesticks, bars, trend lines, etc.

Bitsgap lets you manage your Portfolio in one place

If you’re tired of juggling multiple apps for your portfolio, then you’ll want to take a look at Bitsgap’s portfolio feature. It gives you a quick overview of your entire portfolio, no matter which exchanges or the assets are actually on.

You can see an overview that will tell you at a glance how well your total portfolio is performing, or instead, you can view particular assets.

It also allows you to view your watchlists and any open orders or positions that are on your account. This feature allows you to quickly see what needs to be done and if you have any positions which need to be opened or closed.

Make easy money with Bitsgap Arbitrage tool

Arbitrage, if you’re not aware, is the art of taking advantage of the price differences between two exchanges, thus generating a profit. If your trade is big enough, these profits can be substantial, or you could simply make money by doing it over and over again in micro trades.

The only problem with arbitrage is that it’s tricky to get it right, and if you have to jump between exchanges then your tiny window for profit might close before you get to use it.

Fortunately, Bitsgap makes it much easier to profit using arbitrage. Since it has access to your API keys you can execute arbitrage trades with just one click, giving you a serious edge over any other traders who are trying to do the same.

However, they go one step further than just facilitating the trades, because Bitsgap actually tells you where the profitable trades are! They have a tab dedicated to identifying arbitrage opportunities across exchanges and then the platform quickly executes them for you.

The platform allows you to decide which percentage of your portfolio funds will be used for this purpose and it even tracks your profit for you! There’s no need to worry if you’re actually making profitable trades because Bitsgap has your back.

Use Smart orders with Bitsgap

Bitsgap supports a wide variety of useful order types for traders. This includes both stop-loss and take-profit orders. The take profit order is particularly interesting, because it, well, takes your profits for you.

The platform will automatically close a position for you once it reaches a certain profit level. This allows you to perform trades exactly as you see fit without constantly monitoring markets.

A stop loss will do the opposite. It gives you peace of mind that allows you to keep from stressing about your trades going south. This trading type will activate if your asset takes an unexpected nose, dive saving your capital.

These useful trading types are very useful for traders and available on all 25+ exchanges, while they are not supported on exchanges directly.

Practice your TA magic with a DEMO account

Interested in learning to do a technical analysis? Be prepared to make some very costly mistakes on your way to completing your education. If you’re not ready to put your money into trading, then Bitsgap also has a cool cryptocurrency Demo trading feature.

This allows you to trade just like if you were really trading with real money. You can draw on the charts, practice your TA and learn the ropes without going broke. And when you’re ready to play with real money just switch back to a Live account from the menu.


Bitsgap offers a ton of awesome features to cryptocurrency traders at no charge and some additional features for more serious traders will be available for a fair monthly subscription fee.

Smart Orders, Portfolio, Exchange management, and arbitrage are enough to use the app because it makes it so much easier to identify opportunities and act on them. also offers great security protocols for their accounts, which means you can rest easy when using the platform. Nobody will have access to your logins, your funds are not stored at Bitsgap and the platform does not utilize a withdrawal option, preventing your assets from leaving the exchanges.