Cardano establishes a strong trading range despite pressure

Cardano establishes a strong trading range despite pressure

By Motiur Rahman - min read

Before the crypto crash this week, Cardano had shown outstanding upward momentum. The coin at one time even rallied by nearly 50% in less than a week. But as weakness sips through the market, all these incredible gains have now reversed. Despite this, ADA has managed to establish a strong trading range. Here are some highlights:

  • ADA has traded between $0.47 and $0.55 over the last few days

  • This range will likely hold as the broader crypto market slightly recovers

  • Cardano however faces very limited upside to overcome the $0.55 barrier.

Data Source: TradingView 

Where will ADA go from here?

The trading range established by ADA over the past few days represents short-term support and resistance. It is likely that the coin will trade within this range for days before it finds direction. 

However, we do not see a lot of downsides. In fact, if ADA was to lose the $0.47 support, it could still find a lot of resilience at $0.435. This is actually a longer-term support zone for the coin. Also, if there is a period of price consolidation above $0.55, we may see a short-term rally for ADA. 

But it doesn’t seem like the coin has so much room to run. In fact, the best-case scenario for bulls would be to try and reclaim the highs of $0.77. Here, ADA will face major sell-off pressure and will likely retreat even before it attempts to test $1.

When will ADA return above $1?

It seems like yesterday when we were all looking at ADA above $1. The coin was projected to hit at least $5 by the end of the year. However, this is now highly unlikely since ADA would need to grow more than 10x to hit that estimate.

But a return above $1 is not out of the cards. Sentiment will however need to improve drastically over the month ahead for this to happen.