ChangeNOW unveils the NOW Tracker crypto portfolio app

ChangeNOW unveils the NOW Tracker crypto portfolio app

By Alice Leetham - min read

The exchange’s new app lets users keep track of all their crypto balances and transaction histories in one place

Crypto exchange ChangeNOW is expanding its services with the release of the NOW Tracker app, according to a recent press release. Customers can now manage their crypto portfolio on the move, with the ability to track their balance and transaction history.

The ChangeNOW exchange provides limitless exchanges for more than 170 coins, with support for an ever-growing list of over 10,000 currency pairs. As a non-custodial service, there is no registration requirement and customers maintain full control over their funds.

Customers of the exchange can buy crypto with fiat as ChangeNOW supports Visa and Mastercard payments, while crypto exchanges take an average of two minutes. Users are guaranteed the best exchange rates as ChangeNOW is integrated with multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Keeping track of crypto portfolios is much simpler now with the launch of NOW Tracker. Users can view their balances in crypto and their local fiat currency, as well as their transaction history, simply by entering the wallet addresses for the coins they would like to keep tabs on.

There is a choice of tracking modes available for app users. With Manual tracking, users can do all the updates themselves. With Auto tracking, on the other hand, all their transaction histories, balances and shares are updated automatically from different block explorers to save users time.

NOW Tracker makes it easier to manage a portfolio and stay up to date with the crypto markets. The Analytics section shows which assets in a portfolio are the most valuable. What’s more, the app provides real-time price updates, live charts and useful indicators to help users keep track of more than 200 of the top cryptocurrencies and make better-informed investment decisions.

Users can enjoy privacy as NOW Tracker doesn’t collect or store data from users or their devices and doesn’t share user statistics with advertisers. There is also no need to give up any private keys as the app provides a non-custodial service.

There is customer support available 24/7 for users and the NOW Tracker app is available for free from the Google Play Store – no registration required.