Coinbase’s zero-fee subscription service out of beta and expanded outside the US

Coinbase’s zero-fee subscription service out of beta and expanded outside the US

By Charles Thuo - min read
  • Coinbase has rolled out a new subscription service called Coinbase One.
  • The service will give members access to $0 trading fees among other benefits.
  • The Coinbase One is expected to roll out across 35 countries in the near future.

After staying in Beta since 2021, Coinbase has officially opened its zero-fee subscription service called Coinbase One. The service has also been expanded outside the US into countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland.

Through Coinbase One, customers will have the option of paying $29.99 per month to enjoy zero trading fees and higher staking rewards. Customers can pay for the subscription using their linked bank account (ACH) or linked debit card.

Zero trading fees on Coinbase

According to the statement issued by Coinbase, the Coinbase One service allows customers to access $0 trading fees, dedicated 24/7 phone support, $1M Account Protection, and pre-filled Form 8949 in Coinbase Taxes.

The statement by Coinbase in part reads:

“Eligible users may sign up for Coinbase One which is an automatically renewing subscription requiring recurring payments. A Coinbase One subscription grants you the benefits of: (a) a waiver of Coinbase fees for buying, selling, and converting digital currencies on the Coinbase platform (which does not include Coinbase Pro’s order matching platform), provided that a spread in the price is still included in all buys, sells, and conversion of digital currencies on the Coinbase trading platform (learn more about fees here); (b) a dedicated customer support line available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five (365) days a year; and (c) Coinbase Account Protection. Coinbase may modify or suspend this program at any time upon notice.”

However, the fee-free trading volume limit as found in customers’ account settings will apply. When customers trade over their set trading volume limit, they will be responsible for paying regular trading fees.

Widening international reach

Coinbase aims to expand the Coinbase One service in 35 countries in the future as Coinbase tries to widen its international reach.

The move also comes just a month after Coinbase unveiled a global crypto exchange following the tightening regulatory environment.