Dogecoin and DigiToads leading the charge as meme coins disrupt the crypto market

Dogecoin and DigiToads leading the charge as meme coins disrupt the crypto market

By Charles Thuo - min read
  • DigiToads is currently conducting a presale of its native token, TOADS.
  • At press time, the current presale stage Lilypad 5 was 83.84% sold out.
  • A single TOADS token is currently going for $0.024.

Meme coins might have taken their sweet time to enter the crypto hall of fame, but there’s no denying that they still have a long way to go. Inspired by viral internet memes, meme coins are edging ahead to establish themselves as a quality mainstream financial instrument. 

Take the example of Dogecoin or even DigiToads, which has raised more than $2.2 million in just four presale stages. 

Built on the Ethereum network, DigiToads has been garnering a lot of attention with its next-generation features that combine the utility of different cryptocurrencies. The hybrid model enables users to earn a passive income.

DigiToads: Unravelling the full potential of DeFi

DigiToads is an upcoming meme coin that offers stake-to-earn and play-to-earn features on its platform. Its native token is TOADs which can be used to access all its features. DigiToads’ unique DeFi model makes it an ideal option for those interested in learning all about cryptocurrency trading for beginners.

You can stake tokens or trade them, participate in Web 3.0 games to win rewards, enter giveaways worth $150,000, and even stand a chance to win daily and weekly prizes. For those interested, the TOADS token has been released on presale. 

With 10 stages in all, the presale process is currently in its fifth phase ‘Lillypad 5’. You can participate in the presale here.

DigiToads game

DigiToads game is based in a metaverse swamp where players have to show their skills by defeating their competitors with the help of DigiToads. These digital creatures have unusual abilities like strength or a special trait that can up a player’s game. Players can use TOADS tokens to acquire food, potions, and exercise equipment for their DigiToads.

When the season ends, the players occupying the top 25% of the positions on the scoreboard are rewarded with TOADS tokens. As far as staking goes, there are ample opportunities to stake NFTs on DigiToads. The longer the period of staking, the higher the rewards that you will earn. The staking pool comprises 2% of the annual profits rakes by the project.

The DigiToads team has laid out a community-centric roadmap for its future growth. These plans include donating 2.5% of the annual profits to organizations involved in the preservation of rainforests and replanting trees.

The organizations that would get these donations would be picked out by the community members. Moreover, the team would be launching an online learning facility to offer sessions on cryptocurrencies and the DigiToads network. To access these sessions, one would have to own at least three TOADS NFTs.

Dogecoin has a new patron: Sean Ono Lennon

Dogecoin is one of the most-traded meme coins and its symbol briefly replaced Twitter’s iconic blue bird symbol. It draws inspiration from a Japanese dog breed and its meme coin’s native token is DOGE.

Dogecoin was initially rolled out as a hard fork of Litecoin and the meme coin recently made waves internationally after former Beatles singer John Lennon’s son Sean Ono Lennon announced that he is now following Dogecoin founder Billy Markus on Twitter. He had earlier also extended his support to Bitcoin in a tweet.

What are analysts saying about DigiToads?

DigiToads has become a sensation within the crypto space and especially among the meme coins. If it continues on the same track, DigiToads could be among the meme coins that are going to shine in 2023.

The major reasons behind TOADS’ popularity include its higher growth potential and the diversity it offers users when it comes to earning passive income. By choosing between various opportunities, users can look forward to building a respectable means of residual income.