Florida pediatrics adopt blockchain tech for covid-19

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Florida pediatrics adopt blockchain tech for covid-19

By Benson Toti - min read

The solution will help manage and track the welfare of their employees across the state, preventing the transmission of the coronavirus

Florida’s largest pediatric healthcare provider, Angel Kids Pediatrics, will be using the Team.Care Network for well-being reporting and COVID-19 management.

The Team.Care Network is a workforce management solution that is built on blockchain technology. It uses smart contracting and distribution to offer enhanced data security, and is an innovation of Solve.Care company.

It is hoped that the implementation of the Team.Care Network will help track workforce across the Angel Kids Pediatrics’ seven healthcare facilities in Florida and prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, particularly as cases of infection continue to rise in Florida and across the United States.

On September 4, the Department of Health in Florida reported 2,564 new cases and 34 new deaths. This pushes the death toll to above 12,00 and the number of positive cases to over 640,000.

The Chief Medical Officer of Solve.Care, Dr David Hanekom, has expressed his support for their partnership with Angel Kids Pediatrics in a press release.

“Using blockchain as a platform, enables Solve.Care to provide a level of data security no other solution can match. It is important for organizations to keep their workforce safe and healthy, while ensuring their sensitive healthcare data is secure, as the world continues to fight and overcome this pandemic.” Dr Hanekom explained.

“I applaud Angel Kids Pediatrics in taking the initiative in safeguarding the wellbeing of their frontline workers, so that they can continue providing essential healthcare services for their patients and their families.”

He also highlighted the need for healthcare companies to keep their workforce safe and healthy without resorting to methods that may compromise sensitive healthcare data.

The Medical Director of Angel Kids Pediatrics, Dr Ashraf Affan, also pointed out that while young children are not as vulnerable to the coronavirus, they are twice as likely to transmit the virus compared to adults.

“Our patients don’t come in on their own. They are brought in by their parents, who are more at risk of contracting the virus. One of the best ways to help contain this pandemic is through the timely sharing of knowledge and focusing on prevention.” he explained.

With the Team.Care Network providing real-time reporting on the health status of their workers, the pediatrics company is capable of making the necessary medical adjustments to keep the health and welfare of everybody involved a top priority.

Blockchain technology is helping revolutionise the healthcare sector because of its capacity to provide superior security and transparency.