Framework Ventures announces a $400M fund to expand blockchain gaming presence

Framework Ventures announces a $400M fund to expand blockchain gaming presence

By Charles Thuo - min read

Framework Ventures, based in San Francisco, announced its $400 million funds that will help it to establish and grow its presence within the blockchain gaming world.

Its co-founders, Vance Spencer and Michael Anderson met with Frank Chaparro, host of The Scoop edition to discuss their new fund investment thesis. The topic of discussion was how blockchain gaming is “coming to the point of mass-market appeal.”

However, Framework Ventures is not the only VC firm (Venture Capital) that has an eye on the future and potential of blockchain in the crypto space as others like Hashed, a South Korean VC firm, had recently told The Scoop that they are aiming high with their $200 million funds on blockchain gaming.

All you need to know about Framework 

Framework Labs was founded in 2019 and later expanded with $8 million funds raised to support its team thesis on ‘’network capital’’ in 2020. The network capital idea was conceived after it was discovered that crypto investing helps VC firms participate in on-chain to enable protocols to foster their communication, thrive, decentralize and achieve their goals.

It’s important to note that Framework Labs is one of the best Chainlink nodes and indexer nodes serving 201 different feeds to different apps across several chains. Besides, Framework Labs is currently being used in various on-chain activities and also uses DeFi services frequently.