Global Resource Coin Launch

Global Resource Coin Launch

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 25 May 2020

GRC is the first cryptocurrency in the world specifically created for casual users, who want to obtain resources from the investment point of view. Cryptocurrency was developed in 2013, however after long registration procedures, contracts signing and creation of a special licensed trading platform, the official launch only took place at the beginning of 2017.

Due to a great interest demonstrated from international producers and developers of minerals and natural resources, GRC company has introduced proprietary cryptocurrency code, which will valid until 2018. It was created in order to secure the process of mining and users’ activity against possible hacker attacks. However, at the beginning of 2018 cryptocurrency’s trade will be deployed on the world’s largest stock exchanges, specializing not only in cryptocurrency, but also on commodity exchanges, such as NASDAQ.

The group of GRC’s cryptocurrency developers is headed by Tomas Beran, a well-known developer from Czech Republic, who belongs to the famous family of Beran’s billionaires.

At the end of 2016 a number of international media have published information about the beginning of operations on the trading platform, using GRC’s cryptocurrency.

So what is the uniqueness and peculiarity of the GRC. It is quite simple: global corporations and governments in many countries do not allow ordinary people to become engaged in investing in natural resources. In order to do this, you need to have a considerable amount of money, a special financial education and a special license. However, cryptocurrency GRC solves this problem. Due to the fact that GRC’s trading marketplace has a specialized license, anyone is able to invest their savings in a particular natural resource, whereas cryptocurrency acts as an intermediary between users from all over the world.

Therefore, GRC is the first cryptocurrency in the world based on natural resources. We all know that any investment is a high risk. But our platform helps to minimize those investment risks, offering the most relevant sources of income. Hundreds of GRC’s platform specialists analyze all the offers on the natural resources markets on a daily basis and select only the most interesting ones for our users. This way, each of you can take advantage of the offers that appear daily on our platform.

In addition, from the year 2018 GRC’s cryptocurrency rate is expected to grow due to its social usefulness and relevance. For this reason, you can use our cryptocurrency not only as an investment tool in natural resources, but also as a cryptocurrency that is followed by a perspective financial future.

Start changing your life right now and register on the GRC platform.