Graceful creates next-gen crypto gifts with Graceful 1.0

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$MCADE presale is now live!

Graceful creates next-gen crypto gifts with Graceful 1.0

By Daniela Kirova - min read

Graceful is creating the iconic financial gift for a new generation, supplanting traditional monetary presents like savings bonds, gift cards, and cash. 

Graceful 1.0 is a custodial digital vault that can be purchased and set up by the gifter in minutes, Coin Journal learned from a press release. 

Wealth in a time capsule 

Like a time capsule, each vault can hold personalized messages from the gifter, some that can be viewed immediately and others that can only be viewed when the vault unlocks. 

On the roadmap is additional asset support, both crypto and fiat, and more powerful messaging features.

An unforgettable gift 

The recipient gets a breathtaking metal cube, each side of which features artwork to represent the main themes: time, legacy, and wealth. 

As the recipient turns the cube, each side has a 3D projection that explains the key uses of the vault: assets held, messages left by the gifter, and time locks for when the assets can be used.

Assets remain safe in custody if cube is lost 

Included as the interface to each vault is a “first edition” cube anodized in sapphire blue. If ever the Graceful cube is lost or stolen, the assets remain safe with Graceful’s custodial partner and can only be accessed with a secure link.

Passing wealth on without barriers 

With more people than ever owning cryptocurrency assets (now at 22% of the adult US population), there is a need for a means to pass that wealth on without complex barriers. 

Graceful is looking to meet that need by simplifying the process so anyone can gift and receive crypto, while also providing a memorable and engaging experience all in one.

About Graceful

Graceful creates innovative products that allow for the easy and intelligent transfer of crypto wealth to loved ones, led by the flagship vault Graceful 1.0. Users can buy a custodial Graceful Vault in minutes and preload it with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.