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ICPort renamed Web3Port after successful $20M Seed Round

Charles Thuo

ICPort, an engine for Web building projects, has been renamed to Web3Port following a successful seed round where they raised $20 million.

In a nutshell, Web3Port is a Web3 project accelerator that helps startups grow from the ground. With a goal of establishing a transparent, decentralized accelerator alliance that extends the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

The alliance formed by Web3Port provides blockchain startup companies and business owners with access to investors, token design, and other crucial resources.

In particular, Web3Port will help initial-stage projects attract institutional and retail investors for their seed or private rounds to propel them to their next phase and begin generating revenue.


The name Web3Port describes ICPort’s long-term multi-chain job priorities and exciting work preferences more appropriately and thus the need for the renaming.

Web3Port’s goal is to become a one-stop Web3 console accelerator for early-stage blockchain projects for user requirements, product development, and advertising among other services. At the moment, users will have access to the new We3Port website.

Web3Port will provide acceleration training classes addressing widespread issues that face startups including funding strategic plans, go-to-market tactics, community engagements, token economics, product design, conformance, and tech assistance.

They intend to be conducting training sessions every three months to assist with ten to twenty projects. The chosen projects will receive intense mentoring from mentors who have immense experience and knowledge in crypto.

The $20 million collected through the seed round will go towards advertising, squad advancement, design, and developments.

About 120 startups have submitted application forms for acceleration on Web3Port since it was founded.

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