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Immutable X marketplace TokenTrove partners with PlanetQuest

Daniela Kirova

PlanetQuest, the universe-spanning blockchain-based game of discovery, exploration, and survival, has partnered with leading NFT marketplace TokenTrove according to a Medium post. PlanetQuest aims to expand its multiverse.

TokenTrove will ensure legitimate sales 

Some PQ Planet NFTs are already selling for 3–20X more than the original price on digital marketplaces. TokenTrove will support the blockchain game in ensuring all planets on sale are legitimate. 

TokenTrove will also enable users to sell or buy NFTs at attractive market prices. It has a track record in the number of transactions and trade volume on the platform, the biggest compared to competitors. 

Customizing NFT collections

What makes TokenTrove unique is that it customizes NFT displays to showcase utility and gaming collections in the best possible way, for example, as seen on a map or stacked.

It also offers features such as charted price history, advanced filtering, and market analytics, enabling users to quickly find what they are looking for and make the best NFT pricing decisions. 

The premiere Immutable X marketplace

As the premier Immutable X marketplace, TokenTrove makes the latter’s full suite of features available. These include deposits and withdrawals to Layer 1, credit card payments, and free NFT transfers.

Referral system to share listings 

In addition to this, TokenTrove has a referral system, allowing users to share listings with others. They get a portion of the marketplace fees. Users with a lot of followers can make money on referred followers directly.