LiveOne partners with NFT platform DaVinci to launch an NFT platform and membership token

LiveOne partners with NFT platform DaVinci to launch an NFT platform and membership token

By Charles Thuo - min read

LiveOne has announced plans to create a new Web3 Platform and membership token in collaboration with NFT platform DaVinci (a joint venture of Cere Network and Polygon).

The new Web3 Platform is aimed at giving a suite of NFT and token offerings, and play-to-earn experiences that include epic moments from big events, social media stars, artists, and exclusive access to podcasters.

LiveOne is a technology, music, and entertainment platform that delivers premium experiences and content around the globe through live and virtual events, subscriptions, and memberships. The platform is creator centric thus offering content creators a chance to own their content.

LiveOne NFT platform

The new LiveOne’s web3 platform will enable creators and artists to mint NFTs and also create NFT-backed experiences with their audiences. The minted NFTs shall be available for trading on the LiveOne NFT marketplace.

The NFTs shall be minted using Polygon blockchain, which is user-friendly Ethereum layer 2 solutions.

Once created, the new LiveOne membership token shall be distributed to the over two million paid and free members of LiveOne through a play-to-earn mechanism. The token shall also be available to artists and shareholders who might want to use the NFT marketplace.

According to the chairman and CEO of LiveOne Robert Ellin:

"The digital marketplace is changing how artists and creators are monetizing content and connecting with their audience. As we shift to Web 3.0, we want to put the power directly in the hands of the creators and users. LiveOne has always promoted talent and fans first, and with blockchain technologies opening new doors for interaction, we are excited to offer artists and our members exclusive and deeper experiences."

On the side of the LiveOne partners, the co-founder of Polygon Sandeep Nailwal said:

"By leveraging DaVinci, LiveOne has the potential to transform the creator economy, offering a more egalitarian route for artists to securely monetize their content while encouraging direct-to-fan interaction. Supported by Polygon, LiveOne creators will be able to mint, transfer, and sell their creations in a low-cost, efficient, and ecologically sound manner."

Cere Network CEO Fred Jin said:

"Today's NFT offerings are barely scratching the surface of what's to come. Together with LiveOne, we are turning amazing music, film, and art experiences into personalized NFT collectibles that truly deepens the artist-to-fan connection."

How to get the LiveOne membership token

To earn or redeem the membership token, participants will need to perform one of the following activities:

  • Spend time on LiveOne's platform,
  • Listen to music and podcasts/vodcasts,
  • Attend events/festivals, virtual and in-person meetings
  • Purchase merchandise,
  • Interact across the LiveOne platform and metaverse.

LiveOne also expects to airdrop discounts from time to time and also unlock more benefits for the membership token holders.

The LiveOne NFT marketplace platform is expected to bolster the experience of artists, content creators, and their audiences.