LongHash Ventures launches its Third LongHashX Accelerator

LongHash Ventures launches its Third LongHashX Accelerator

By Hassan Maishera - min read

LongHash Ventures announced that it would work with Protocol Labs on the 12-week program.

LongHash Ventures, Asia’s first Web3 Accelerator and one of Asia’s leading Web3 venture funds, has announced its partnership with Protocol Labs, the creator of Filecoin and IPFS.

According to the press release shared with Coinjournal, the partnership will see LongHash Ventures work with Protocol Labs to launch the 3rd LongHashX Accelerator Filecoin Cohort.

The program aims to accelerate early-stage teams building projects in the Filecoin ecosystem. The program has been around since 2018 and has partnered with some illustrious blockchain projects in the past, including Polkadot, Algorand and now Filecoin.

Emma Cui, Founding Partner and CEO of LongHash Ventures, commented that;

“We are very excited to continue our partnership with Protocol Labs as we launch the third LongHashX Accelerator Filecoin Cohort. As demand for decentralized storage grows, Filecoin is well-placed to be the leading choice for Web3 developers. We are looking forward to more NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse use cases, as well as middleware, infrastructure, and tooling protocols using Filecoin. As a long-time partner of Protocol Labs, we are proud to witness the tremendous growth of the Filecoin ecosystem.”

LongHash Ventures said the 2-week program includes a series of workshops and fireside chats across six modules, namely Product Strategy & Design, Tokenomics, Governance, Tech Mentorship, Community Building, and Fundraising.

Blockchain projects selected for the 12-week program will also gain access to LongHash Ventures’ network of portfolio companies, investors, and community users to develop potential partnerships, investments, and acquire users.

LongHash added that the selected projects would receive $200,000 funding from LongHash Ventures and Protocol Labs. The company said it would also add $300,000 discretionary investment in the most promising projects once the program is concluded.

The Demo Day is when the selected projects will have the opportunity to pitch to investors. LongHash Ventures told interested developers that they have until June 24th, 11:59 pm (GMT+8), to apply.

Filecoin is one of the leading blockchains, and its FIL token currently occupies the 38th place in the crypto market in terms of total market cap.