Luntivo Finance announces Limited coin offering – Should you buy?

Luntivo Finance announces Limited coin offering – Should you buy?

By Motiur Rahman - min read

Luntivo Finance has announced that it is launching a limited-time coin offering that will run from February 8 to March 28th. The plan is to make its native governance token available to early-bird investors. But should you consider this new project? Here is what we know thus far:

  • Luntivo Finance is an innovative decentralised exchange that has more features than a traditional DEX.

  • It is hoping to use the limited coin offering to bring widespread adoption of its LTVN token.

  • Luntivo Finance is the first DEX on Terra, one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the world today.

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Luntivo Finance (LTVN) – Is it a good buy?

We cannot do any price analysis now since this is a token in pre-sale. But one thing LVTN has going in its favour is the fact that it's new. As with most crypto assets, getting early is always a great thing. 

But not all early-bird investors get to make money. In fact, Luntivo Finance is a DEX. Yes, it offers additional features like secured asset funds for specialized tokens. But it's still a DEX and there are plenty of those out there. 

While there is a lot of potentials that Luntivo Finance could in fact grow and earn you a decent return, it will not hit the kind of levels we see with blockchain projects. Despite this, it still remains a coin worth looking at.

What makes Luntivo Finance unique?

Luntivo Finance bills itself as an innovative DEX that is not only limited to crypto exchange. It also offers additional DeFi features as well. Although it is built on the Terra chain, Luntivo Finance uses the Cosmos SDK as part of its development. 

This makes it highly scalable compared to other DEXs out there. The native token LTVN is also now available in select DEXs and will likely come to major exchanges in the near term.