MicroStrategy’s latest BTC purchase sets Bitcoin price in motion

MicroStrategy’s latest BTC purchase sets Bitcoin price in motion

By Charles Thuo - min read
  • Bitcoin is defending the $26k after the recent MicroStrategy’s latest BTC purchase.
  • Concerns over the US dollar’s impact on BTC may be overstated by investors.
  • Coinbase holds about 5% of the total bitcoin in circulation.

MicroStrategy’s recent acquisition of Bitcoin worth nearly $150 million has made waves in the cryptocurrency market, causing a notable shift in Bitcoin’s price dynamics.

The move was a demonstration of MicroStrategy, a prominent business intelligence firm led by CEO Michael Saylor, of its strong commitment to Bitcoin. The recent Bitcoin purchase sent ripples throughout the cryptocurrency world.

A boost to Bitcoin price

Before MircoStrategy’s BTC acquisition announcement, Bitcoin had briefly dipped below the $26,000 level, around which it has been hovering for a week. However, as soon as news of the purchase became public, Bitcoin price saw a significant upward movement, gaining several hundred dollars in value and hitting a daily high of $26,421.51.

In addition to MicroStrategy’s purchase, China’s Shanghai People’s Court also recently made a significant announcement recognizing Bitcoin as a distinctive digital currency, despite the country’s established ban on cryptocurrencies. This recognition has garnered attention, notably due to Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, drawing attention to the Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court’s recent publication, which outlines key characteristics of Bitcoin.

The Shanghai court clearly distinguished Bitcoin from virtual counterparts like Q coins, emphasizing its unique attributes. These include Bitcoin’s scarcity, widespread global acceptance, and intrinsic monetary qualities. This acknowledgement represents a notable departure from China’s traditional classification of cryptocurrencies primarily as speculative investments.

The recognition by the Shanghai People’s Court marks a shift in how Bitcoin is officially perceived within the Chinese legal system. While the ban on cryptocurrencies remains in place in China, this recognition of Bitcoin’s distinct nature as a digital currency signifies a nuanced perspective on its role and significance within the broader financial landscape. It highlights the evolving discourse surrounding cryptocurrencies in China and their potential utility beyond speculation.

Bitcoin’s resilience

Despite the volatility in recent weeks, Bitcoin has shown resilience. Last week, it reached a 20-day high at $27,500, only to experience a drop to $26,400 by the end of the business week, partly influenced by the US Federal Reserve’s latest meeting.

The weekend remained relatively stable, with Bitcoin maintaining a level of around $26,600. However, Monday started on a bearish note, leading to a temporary dip below $26,000.

MicroStrategy’s announcement acted as a catalyst, helping Bitcoin recover from this low point. While MicroStrategy’s continuous accumulation of Bitcoin strengthens the company’s position as a major institutional investor in the cryptocurrency, it also underscores the growing acceptance of Bitcoin as a valuable digital asset.