The NAU platform presents a revolutionary method for attracting clients in retail!

The NAU platform presents a revolutionary method for attracting clients in retail!

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 25 May 2020

The NAU platform is getting ready for its presale. This platform will directly connect retailers and their clients under the win-win conditions for both parties. The removal of middlemen, as well as the viral effect, will allow retailers to attract buyers in a more efficient and affordable way compared to other marketing channels. Additionally, buyers will not only receive benefits from utilizing the special offers that the platform has to provide but will also gain rewards for referring new users to NAU.

Attracting clients is one of the most critical tasks for any business. Currently, there is a variety of marketing instruments the effectiveness of which varies.

  • Mass commercials which eat up budgets while providing results that are difficult to measure, such as radio and TV advertisements.
  • Social media, contextual, and targeted ads can provide excellent results; however, they require a significant amount of resources. Specialists and services need to be paid, while the continually growing competition forces individuals to spend more and more.
  • CPA model, in which a retailer pays for acquiring clients, is considered to be one of the most advantageous forms of advertising since payments only need to be made based on the pay-per-action basis. Such as a purchase or order in a restaurant. It is quite easy to calculate expenses and establish a price that is favorable. However, there is no any single global platform out there that could attract clients based on CPA models through online or offline methods.
  • Websites providing discount coupons. At first, these sites were appealing; however, everything came to the point where retailers were forced to make discounts that became unacceptably large and had to pay additional commissions to service providers and middlemen. Ultimately, business owners were not only cut off from earnings but actually lost money. This led to a drop in the popularity of coupon services.

As a result of all of the aforementioned events, a severe problem has formed. Un the current reality, intermediaries cut the biggest part of the marketing budget while the costs of acquiring new clients for retailers becomes ridiculous. At the same time, service users don’t have any serious motivation to attract new clients for retailers, due to lack of fairly rewarding programs. This is precisely why not a single form of marketing can produce a desirable viral effect.

The idea of discounts and bonuses is an excellent attraction for the potential buyers, a CPA model is one of the most effective ways of attracting new clients for retailers. It is quite evident that the market seeks a universal platform, that would combine all of these marketing methodologies in a cost-efficient manner.

The goal of the NAU platform is to create a new marketing reality, reimagining the idea of coupons:

  • The platform establishes a direct connection between customers and retailers, eliminating middlemen that were suffocating the CPA approach.
  • Creates motivation for clients to attract their friends and acquaintances to the platform independently.
  • Guarantees full transparency, security, and trust for all of the platform’s users with the help of the Blockchain technology.

Examples of the NAU platform in use

  1. An advertiser creates a motivational offer for potential buyers (discount, gift, free second item) and pays a minimum of 1 NAU token for each new client that that redeems the offer.
  2. The published offer can be found via the platform’s website or through the mobile app. A search map based on geolocation or catalog made up of 5 base groups with filters can be used to find offers.
  3. A registered user can send an invite to their acquaintances so that they can also enjoy fruitful offers.
  4. The referred individuals gain access to the platform and can then make use of bonuses and retailer offerings.
  5. A user that has referred someone new to the platform will receive 95% of the payment established by the advertiser. This kind of approach motivates users to refer people in their surrounding to the platform actively, which generates a viral effect and increases the speed of platform’s community growth.
  6. The NAU platform gets a 5% commission from each payment made by a user and 0.5% from each transaction involving wallets. Additionally, advertisers and their agents can buy notifications for their target segments and other marketing instruments using tokens on the platform.

Ultimately, a platform that connects retailers and users directly by unique offers and win-win scenarios for everyone involved will be created. Retailers can raise their sales without having to overpay for advertisements, while their clients can use special offers and gain rewards for referrals. Blockchain technology will be utilized to provide security and trust within the platform.

The Benefits Of NAU tokens?

  1. Retailers will use NAU tokens to make payments for clients acquisitions. Additionally, it is planned that tokens will be used by clients to pay for retailer merchandise in the future.
  2. The users themselves will be able to attract referrals, which will help the NAU platform grow fast.
  3. In the future, there will be no additional tokens released, so this, coupled with the growth of the platform, will presumably lead to a steady token value increase.
  4. The marketing of the platform will be continuously executed, this includes the listing of NAU tokens on various exchange markets, advertising and event marketing, which will contribute to the platform’s growth.

The NAU token pre-ICO will take place from the 31st October to the 4th of November.

The Hard Cap of this round is set at 50 million tokens.

The token price during the presale will be: 1 NAU = $0.04 with a 35% bonus.

The ICO will take place from the 10th of November to the 17th of December.

Hard Cap: 300 million tokens.

Price of a token during the ICO: 1 NAU = $0.04 – $0.06 depending on the round.

There will only be 1 billion NAU tokens available for sale.

Additional tokens will be released as follows:  45 million tokens for advisors and marketing; +24% of sold tokens will go to NAU founders, these tokens will be locked for 30 months.

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