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New Delhi, New Destination for Achain’s Blockchain Application

Achain’s Business Director Dane Elliot joined blockchain application talks with experts such as bank regulators, exchanges and investment bankers across the world. In this closed-door discussion, Dane introduced the Achain public blockchain platform and its efforts to counter the scalability issue that many blockchains are experiencing.

New Delhi is the first stop for Achain on the subcontinent, which opens a new round of Achain’s business and technological cooperation.

“The scalability issue determines whether blockchain can be adopted on a broader scale. There are solutions such as plasma and lightning network proposed to solve this issue. For Achain however, what we offer is something different. We actively fork our public chain to build a separate sub-chain for our Dapp partners.” Dane explained Achain’s solution to the audience.

India is never short of IT talents and experts. Having a presence here brings Achain closer to achieve its global ambition of building a connected blockchain community and a boundless blockchain world.

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