Shiba Inu’s 30% surge causes a social media sensation: here’s where to buy SHIB

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Shiba Inu’s 30% surge causes a social media sensation: here’s where to buy SHIB

By Charles Thuo - min read

Shiba Inu has become a sensation on social media after registering a surge of about 30% over the weekend. The surge sent SHIB price to a high of $0.00001766 before retracing to its current price of $0.00001575.

At the time of writing, Shiba Inu was still bullish as analysts still predict a further price in the coming days.

To help new investors and traders who are eyeing the coin, Coinjournal has created on why SHIB surged over the weekend while also providing insight on some of the best places where SHIB can be purchased.

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What caused the weekend Shiba Inu price surge?

Crypto traders and investors are attaching the SHIB price surge to Shiba Inu’s metric which is showing a rise in the SHIB burn rate. On August 14, when SHIB registered a 27% surge, the burn rate had jumped by 85%. To date, the Shiba Inu network has burned SHIN tokens worth over $6.36 million worth.

Approximately ten days ago, Binance also announced that it had added AVAX and SHIB support on its payment cards issued in Europe thus giving Shiba Inu more exposure to the European market.

Shiba Inu price prediction

A majority of crypto analysts predict a further SHIB Inu price surge in the coming days seeing that SHIB has broken out of a prevailing cup-and-handle pattern. The breakout has raised Shiba Inu’s prospects of registering a further price hike.

The majority are expecting the meme coin to register a 50% surge by September with a price target of $0.00002253.

Best places to buy Shiba Inu


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