Should I buy Metacade (MCADE) during the crypto market crash of 2022?

$MCADE presale is now live!
$MCADE presale is now live!

Should I buy Metacade (MCADE) during the crypto market crash of 2022?

By Alice Davies - min read
Updated 16 December 2022

Crypto market crashes are full of prime buying opportunities. It’s often said that great projects are on sale, as 90% price reductions during the bear market mean you can buy a much bigger stack of tokens for the same initial investment cost.

Great projects never stop building, even during a crypto market crash. A project that looks set to do big things in the space is Metacade, and it’s only just getting started. If it’s still an unknown, then make sure to keep reading!

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a next-generation gaming platform that is being built on the Ethereum blockchain. Through leveraging the advanced smart contract functionality of Ethereum, Metacade can create a more secure and efficient experience for gamers from all over the world, as well as secure itself during a crypto market crash, with a stable audience.

MCADE is the platform’s native token. It’s used to power all blockchain transactions and is also used to provide crypto rewards to players while they enjoy a vast array of arcade-style games. The project is laying strong foundations during the 2022 crypto market crash, as it aims to become the single biggest arcade that you can find on the blockchain and will give gamers extensive opportunities to earn MCADE token rewards as a result.

The platform is committed to providing a fun and fair experience for all gamers and is community-driven at its core. Through building an advanced gaming hub on the blockchain, Metacade is helping to create a new era of gaming, where players are fully in control of their own data and can earn rewards while playing their favourite games.

More Games, More Rewards

By building the biggest arcade on the blockchain, players will be given more options than ever before. Metacade will be home to a seemingly endless list of arcade-style titles with some of the hottest names in the space for Metacade community members to enjoy.

With so much on offer, Metacade players will have unprecedented earning opportunities available after the market recovers from the recent crypto market crash. With the unique functionality being delivered in blockchain-based games, all players can earn while playing some amazing new titles. Metacade delivers this earning potential in a significant way.


In addition to all the arcade games on offer at Metacade, the platform aims to become a hub for the crypto community to enjoy. Players can access the latest info for the best Play-to-Earn games in the space and connect with other blockchain gamers to share the latest insights.

Metacade connects players to the best opportunities and the most valuable alpha. Plus, users will earn MCADE token rewards for contributing insights to the community, which provides direct incentives for the community to grow and share the fun as they journey through the world of Play-to-Earn gaming.


Metacade is committed to putting the needs of its players first and ensuring that their voices are heard, which is vital for finding stability during a crypto market crash. The Metacade community will have a direct say in how the project is governed and over time the project will become a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). This DAO will allow MCADE holders to influence the direction taken by the project.

DAO voters will also be able to influence the growth of the wider GameFi industry. Up-and-coming projects will submit proposals to the community, who will then get the chance to vote on which they think are the best. After deciding, the community will be able to provide funding through the Metagrants program, supporting development teams in their early stages.

GameFi set to grow

Over time, it is widely expected that blockchain-based games can revolutionise the wider gaming industry. They offer some unique features that are unmatched by traditional titles, with the foremost being integrated earning opportunities for players. This is important to investors also, who currently seek investments that can offer more robustness, even during a heavy crypto market crash.

The gaming industry is currently dominated by a handful of large companies such as Electronic Arts (EA) and Activision Blizzard (ATVI). These companies control the development and distribution of games, which gives them a lot of power over gamers.

Blockchain games are important because they provide a decentralised alternative to this current system, regardless of price action during a crypto market crash. By giving power back to gamers, projects like Metacade have the potential to flip the $100 billion gaming industry on its head and move a large chunk of operations on to the blockchain.

The user experience for decentralised applications (dApps) has been improving year-on-year, as blockchains themselves have been getting faster, cheaper, and more secure. Metacade, built on Ethereum, gains all the benefits from a continually expanding ecosystem, and offers a long list of benefits to its community. It can grow to a massive scale as a result.

Should you buy Metacade?

Projects that launched during the market crash of 2018-2020 saw some insane percentage increases with some rising 40,000% or even higher. Now, during the 2022 bear market, MCADE has just launched its presale event, which is the earliest investment opportunity available in crypto and a fantastically low barrier for those looking to put some skin back in the game after the recent crypto market crash.

For a project with such high potential, these opportunities are rare. Often, high-potential projects are kept under wraps and only offered to a small number of institutional investors. Metacade is doing things differently and is launching its token directly to the crypto community.

These kinds of opportunities do not come around very often. While there is always a risk involved when investing in digital assets, and no token is guaranteed against a crypto market crash, the MCADE presale offers huge upside potential with limited downside. At this point, you can buy MCADE at just $0.008 per token with this number set to rise during the presale to $0.02. For sure, it could be worth including in your portfolio over the coming months.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.