Solana is crypto to watch as the price remains bullish at key resistance

Solana is crypto to watch as the price remains bullish at key resistance

By Motiur Rahman - min read
  • Solana blockchain is regarded as an Ethereum killer 

  • Solana’s SOL has returned 19% in a week

  • The cryptocurrency is about to break past a resistance zone

Solana SOL/USD has returned a massive 19% in the past week. As of the time of writing, the cryptocurrency was up 5% in the last 24 hours. SOL now trades at a resistance level of $42, but bulls look likely to win.

Solana blockchain has often been touted as an Ethereum killer. The name has originated from its similarities to Ethereum. The blockchain offers faster transaction speeds and is less costly than Ethereum. For this reason, investors believed that Solana was a true rival of Ethereum.

However, a series of exploits have raised doubts about the potential for Solana. The exploits, together with the bear crypto sentiment, saw SOL token touch a bottom of below $30. That compares to an all-time of $260 in November 2021 at the height of the crypto boom. SOL is still showing that it can reclaim higher levels as crypto sentiment suddenly improves. We believe this week will be monumental for investors looking to add positions to the Solana token.

SOL trades at resistance with the potential for a breakout 

Source – TradingView

SOL’s established resistance is at $42. That is the same level as the current price, suggesting that a breakout could occur. 

A break above the $42 resistance builds a bull case for SOL. The price could rise to find the next resistance, which is established at $58. Still, we need to watch the crypto sentiment to ascertain the viability of $58. A breakout will, however, make $42 the reference support for SOL. 

If SOL fails to break past $42, it could slide back potentially to $32. Nonetheless, with the crypto sentiment improving suddenly, there is a high chance SOL will break past the resistance. We need to watch how that pans out this week.


SOL is bullish at $42 resistance. Investors should watch for a potential breakout. The next resistance to watch is $58.