Solana wallet Solflare integrates FTX to offer seamless CeFi and DeFi connectivity

Solana wallet Solflare integrates FTX to offer seamless CeFi and DeFi connectivity

By Benson Toti - min read
A mobile phone with Solana on it

Solana wallet Solflare has released an integration with top crypto currency exchange platforms and FTX US, allowing users access to a simple interface to their Solana DeFi and NFT portfolios.

The integration will work via Solflare web extension and mobile app, with Solana users able to connect their accounts at and FTX US to the wallet. Users will have access to funds held in their exchange accounts directly from their wallet.

Transactions are automated and include the FTX Convert feature that allows for token swaps straight from the wallet.

Making CeFi and DeFi seamless

With the extension and app, Solana users can also tap into more across DeFi and NFTs as they effortlessly manage asset deposits and withdrawals from their FTX account. 

Users can also access liquidity from FTX’s deep books to supplement that of Raydium and Serum, as well as venture into NFTs via the wallet’s support for deposits, withdrawals and visualization.

Solfare says the integration will help connect Web2 and Web3, offering users the benefits of a seamless experience all in one app. It brings centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) under one app.

Filip Dragoslavic, co-founder of Solflare commented:

FTX is probably one of the most popular centralized exchanges for DeFi users, especially on Solana. Integrating the two connects both worlds and turns it all into one seamless experience. You can command your FTX account without ever leaving Solflare, and confirming that your wallet address is indeed one unique human registered on FTX might enable many, new web3 opportunities.”

Solflare is a native Solana wallet and supports multiple functionalities, including staking and advanced NFT interactions. The wallet also offers Ledger support.