SOLJU’s beverage-themed meme coin launches on Solana. Will it rally like Beercoin?

SOLJU’s beverage-themed meme coin launches on Solana. Will it rally like Beercoin?

By Hassan Maishera - min read

Key takeaways 

  • Solju is introducing beverages to the meme coin ecosystem by blending South Korea’s popular Soju alcoholic beverage drink with Solana’s innovation.
  • The presale is slated to commence in 24 hours, with a 100 million token supply.

Meme coins have been among the leading cryptocurrencies’ best performers over the last 12 months. Coins like Pepe, Dogiwfhat, and Bonk are now amongst the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap thanks to their recent rallies.

With investors taking favorably to meme coins, new ones are emerging in the market. Solju is a meme coin that is approaching the market differently and could be appealing to investors. 

What is Solju?

SolJu is a new token that is created from a blend of South Korea’s pop culture and the Solana blockchain. Soju is a clear and colorless Korean distilled alcoholic beverage, traditionally made from rice and consumed neat.

The blend of Soju and Solana is an interesting one. Solana is the world’s most accessible and commercially scalable blockchain while Soju is the most popular spirit ranked via volume sold. 

In addition to its rich history, SolJu is an interesting project because it is diverting from the popular meme culture. The crypto space is home to thousands of meme coins. However, most of the meme coins are animal-based. 

We have the Shiba Inu, Dogwifhat, and Dogecoin that are dog-themed, PEPE is frog-themed, and many cat-themed meme coins. 

SolJu is diverting to inanimate meme coins, with its beverage-themed cryptocurrency. According to the development team, token holders gather on the Solana blockchain, forming a makeshift Pojangmacha where good food and better company are alight.

The team is leveraging South Korea’s position as the third-largest cryptocurrency market in the world. Its token will provide economic incentives and culture to investors and users. Soju brings cultural depth, and Solana bridges the future with the past. Fusion is the crux of moving forward. 

Should investors invest in this beverage-themed meme coin?

SolJu could be an interesting project for investors and users thanks to its unique approach to the market. Unlike the other animal and political-themed meme coins in the market, SolJu is coming as a beverage-themed meme coin.

The project is also leveraging South Korea’s position as the third-largest cryptocurrency market in the world to cement its place as a meme coin with massive potential. 

By launching on the Solana blockchain, SolJu is set to enjoy the network’s benefits, including fast and cheap transactions. Beercoin (BEER) is another beverage-themed meme coin on the Solana blockchain that has attracted investors and SolJu could follow the same path. 

Solju’s presale commences tomorrow, 100% fair launch

SolJu’s presale commences in 24 hours and could be a huge opportunity for investors to purchase the tokens at a discount. According to the development team, SolJu will carry out a 100% fair launch for its presale.

A 100% fair launch implies that the token will go live with a distribution mechanism that’s community-focused. The fair launch mechanism has proven to be the most successful method for launching new tokens, thanks to its ability to guarantee distributed ownership.

With SolJu’s presale, no tokens would be set aside for the team or insider wallets. The project has a total supply of 100 million tokens. SolJu will have an initial liquidity of $12,000, with SOLJU priced at $0.00012.

Per their roadmap, SolJu is currently in the Fermentation phase, which includes the fair launch, marketing push, and CoinMarketCap and Coingecko listings. The next phase is Distillation, where the team focuses on listing SOLJU on centralised exchanges and organising a community meme competition.