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Step App collaborates with Usain Bolt to launch their private beta

Hassan Maishera

The legendary Olympic athlete will partner with the Step App project in a bid to promote fitness levels globally.

Step App, a  FitFi (Fitness Finance) platform, announced on Thursday, July 21st, that it has partnered with the legendary Olympic athlete Usain Bolt. Step App will launch the testnet for private beta users of its app ahead of its official launch later this summer. 

According to the press release shared with Coinjournal, Bolt, the 8-time Olympic gold medalist and 11-time World Champion, has now become the face of the Step App brand. 

As the brand’s ambassador, Usain Bolt is tasked with onboarding millions of users globally and attracting other premium brand members and governmental organisations who share similar visions with Step App. 

Commenting on this latest development, the former athlete said;

“Exercise has always been, and still is, a massive part of my life. When I learned what the team at Step App was building, I was instantly inspired and wanted to be part of this incredibly important global movement.”

He added that he is passionate about finding ways to combine fitness with financial technology. Hence, making the partnership with Step App an excellent opportunity. 

He added that;

“I’ve said in the past that we need to aspire to inspire, and through Step App, I would love to inspire as many people as possible to live a healthier and happier life. We are just getting started!”

With the Step App, the Step team intends to expand the blockchain economy beyond the current focus on finance. The team aims to incorporate lifestyle, fitness, and play elements into the space. 

The Step App is designed to transform everyday activities like daily jogs or walking the dog around the park into exciting social activities and competitions with friends and strangers. 

Kirill Volgin, CEO of Step App, also commented that;

“We are not just building an industry-leading Web3 platform, but more importantly, championing a global movement to get millions of people around the world to become healthier. Our mandate is to inspire people to exercise daily, so they feel better physically and mentally, and feel we will achieve this by incentivising their exercise by paying them in crypto.”

The Step team said it is building its platform on the Avalanche blockchain. It chose Avalanche because it is a rapid, low-cost blockchain that is rich with composable intellectual property and grounded with a native metaverse, ready-to-deploy SDKs for smart contract solutions, NFT infrastructure, and much more. 

Furthermore, the Step team will introduce its ‘SNEAKs’, which are digital footwear that users can buy, trade, and wear digitally on the platform. 

The team also provided further details about the ecosystem’s gaming and token features.