The best places to buy Tiger King coin: TKING crypto up 150%

The best places to buy Tiger King coin: TKING crypto up 150%

By Charlie Hancox - min read
Updated 30 December 2021
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Tiger King tokens have surged in value today, leading to heightened interest in the cryptocurrency from across the investment sphere. This article delves into the value proposition on offer and tells you where you can buy TKING coin.

This article explores all of the key information you need to know before you invest in Tiger King coin. From what the cryptocurrency project is, to what its investment prospects are for the future, find out everything you need to know below.

To kick this article off on a positive note, our team of analysts have listed the best places to buy and sell TKING coin in the UK and elsewhere; this will help you buy Tiger King coin right now easily and affordably. Simply scroll down to the section below to get started.

How & where to buy Tiger King coin online

To invest in Tiger King coin today, choose one of the options below, sign up, deposit funds and purchase the number coins you want.

So, here are the two best platforms to buy, sell and trade Tiger King tokens:

What is Tiger King coin?

It is a deflationary meme coin that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Created by the community, and with an extensive pre/post-launch campaign, the development team claims that TKING’s presence is already being felt within the community.

The brand image is clear to see, with images of Tiger King star and convicted con, Joe Exotic, embellishing the project’s website. It is the popularity of the hit Netflix show that the developers are clearly trying to tap into, and there is even an audio message from Joe himself on the TKING coin homepage.

A flat 2% burn rate is applied to every transaction, gradually increasing the scarcity of TKING, and revenue generated from sales of NFTS will be split between Joe Exotic’s legal defense team and tiger rescue funding.

With an initial supply of 1 trillion TKING coins, 35% of which have been burnt, would buying some now be a good move?

Should I buy Tiger King coin?

If you buy into the project’s branding and marketing, and think it can use Exotic’s image to achieve success, buying some coins now and holding them could be a good move.

However, make sure you are aware of the major risks. This is a project with minimal true fundamental value that could quickly lose value.

TKING price prediction 2021

Here is our Tiger King coin price forecast:

Our team of analysts have conducted extensive research and they believe TKING coin could be worth up to $0.00005 by next year.